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TIME MANAGEMENT Introduction Definition and Importance BY Dr. Abd El RAHMAN SAMEH

What is time?:

What is time? It is invisible and indefinable thing Time is money ,it is limited and valuable resource. Time is our lives as measured out in years,monthes,days and hours.

Philosophy of Time:

Philosophy of Time “Time and tide wait for none” “Nothing really belongs to us but time ,which even he has who has nothing else” “Time wasted is existence,used is life”

Can we lead time?:

Can we lead time? Obviously we can not, but we can lead our lives We can manage and control time. Time is well led if desired ends are carefully thought through in terms of purposes,aims and objectives.

Time Management in Health Care Organizations:

Time Management in Health Care Organizations Time is the common word in all functions of the managers. Writing a plan to be carried out durig specific time Achieve certain organization objeectives by predetermined time. Time is the great container in which all health care activities is done.

Time management in health care organization:

Time management in health care organization Decision making must be on TIME. Providing suitable care and services to the patients must be done on the most appropriate time.

Defintion of time management:

Defintion of time management Is managing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity…. i.e making the best use of time as time is always limited. Or ,it isplanning time available in line with personal goals & life style while keeping individual perefence in minde .

Time Management skills:

Time Management skills Some skills are necessary for effective time management: Stay organized. Learn to priotrize . Be punctual and disciplined. Take ownership of work. Be alittle deplomatic . More focused. Be reasonable.

Time management include::

Time management include: Effective planning. Setting goals & objectives. Setting deadlines. Delegation of responsibilities. Prioritizing activities as per their importance. Spending the right time on the right activity.

Benefits of time management:

Benefits of time management Individuals who stick to a time plan are the ones who realize their & objectives within the shortest possible time span. Better time management helps in better planning & eventually better forecasting. Time management enables person to priotrize tasks &activity at workplace.

Benefits of time management:

Benefits of time management Ma kes an individual punctual &disciplined. One become more organized as a result of effective time management. Effective time management boosts an individuals morale and makes him confident. Researshes says that individual who accomplish tasks on time are less prone to stress and anxiety.

Some stars to steer by::

Some stars to steer by: Success of health care managers depends on their ability to utilize time properly and effectively. Managers required to manage time so that they are able to apply the same degree of the effeicincy in each of their functions.

Some stars to steer by::

Some stars to steer by: Time management is an important tool for maximizing effeciency in hospitals. The efficient time management not only in achieving set goals but in attaining them in the minimum possible time. Developing personal sense of time includes developing a personal sense of the value of other people’s time.

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