Things to Know Before Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

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Lab-Grown Diamonds is an origin with impeccable quality, durability and shine different from a mined diamond. Here are common questions diamond buyers have like as are lab grown diamonds real, do lab-grown diamonds last for long, what methods are used to create lab-grown diamonds and are lab-grown diamonds expensive.


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Things to Know Before Buying Lab- Grown Diamonds Lab-grown diamond companies are often asked about the differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural ones. There are several misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds. So if you have been looking to buy a lab-grown diamond this post is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions diamond buyers have-

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1. Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real They certainly are. If you ask a lab grown diamond jewelry manufacturer you will come to know that the composition of a lab-grown diamond is atomically identical to a natural or mined one. To put it simple for an easier understanding a diamond basically is a 3-dimensional structure of carbon molecules. The same applies to both natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds. Diamond is considered the hardest substance on earth because of its hardness owing to this 3-dimensional structure or composition. 2. Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Last for Long You certainly must not worry about this. Millennials prefer buying lab-grown or man-made diamonds over mined ones. Lab-grown diamond manufacturers in India often face this question. Lab-grown diamonds do not fade or crumble as the time passes by. They are long- lasting and their color or clarity doesn’t change at all with time. So if you looking to buy one you can go for it. It may interest you that colorless diamonds which are called Type IIa 2-a diamonds are quite popular amongst diamond lovers due to their rarity. 3. What Methods are Used to Create Lab-Grown Diamonds There are two ways to create lab-grown diamonds- HPHT growing method and CVD method. HPHT method was first used by GE in 1954 to produce man-man made diamonds for industrial purposes. A tiny diamond seed is placed inside a chamber where it undergoes a high pressure and high temperature. That is why this method is called HPHT High Pressure and High Temperature method. The CVD Chemical Vapor Disposition method is quite popular amongst lab-grown diamond companies these days and it not only involves using high pressure and high temperature but also chambers of low pressure microwave beams and gases. 4. Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Expensive They are not. Infact if you ask a lab-grown diamond jewelry manufacturer you will come to know that lab-grown diamonds are a cost-effective option. Again one of the major reasons why millennials are going gaga about man-made diamonds. By buying a lab grown diamond from a good lab grown diamond manufacturer you can at least save 40 to 50 percent compared to a natural diamond of the same size and quality. It can be easily concluded that a man-made diamond is a better choice over a natural diamond. For more questions feel free to drop us a line and we will answer all your queries. Contact Details: Visit the website:

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