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Always Best Care Senior Services provides a senior health care in-home health care services. We have strong relationships with area hospitals, social workers, senior communities and senior resources across the front range. If you are interested in-home health care call (248) 579 -4426 Or email at to know more! Visit at:


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Types of Elder Abuse :

Types of Elder Abuse     Physical Abuse: Physical abuse against the elderly involves use of physical force, which may, but may not, result in physical pain, injury or impairment. The most common types of physical abuse comprise of striking, pushing, hitting, beating, suffocation, slapping, kicking and burning.   Symptoms: Broken bones, unexplained cuts, marks from ropes, bleeding or internal injuries and many others.   Emotional Abuse: It causes emotional pain or sorrow. This type of elder abuse is usually verbal, such as insults, habitual blaming or threats.   Psychological Abuse: It includes: Ignoring the elderly person. Isolating them from friends or loved ones. Terrorizing or frightening them.


Here are some tips to direct you in your efforts to effectively help your senior family member quit smoking.   Do not harp on them. Attempt to persuade them while giving the facts. You can’t force someone to quit if they have no interest in it . 2. Tell your senior loved one that their health will improve once they quit smoking. From minutes after they quit, their blood pressure will start to go down, their pulse will slow, and they will start getting their taste and smell back. 3. Let them know how valuable they are to you and your family, and that you want them in your life as long as possible . How to Help a Senior Loved One Quit Smoking

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Medication Management Tips for Seniors Medication management can be tough, especially for seniors juggling multiple prescriptions. Age-related memory problems make it even more challenging for them to keep track of their medications.   Below are some tips that may help seniors simplify their medication routine:   Create and maintain an up-to-date medication list Get a second opinion if you are uncertain Know the side effects of your medications Give yourself reminders Use an alarm Use a pill box

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Tips to Improve Your Loved One's Mobility Add some physical activity You can encourage your loved one to start with some light physical activities. Make healthy food choices Healthy eating habits are very important for the older adults for overall good health. Get a good night’s sleep Along with healthy diet, proper sleep is also important for seniors. Encourage them to get moving Slightly different than the above, you can add some mobility exercises to your senior family member’s daily routine and find creative ways to keep them moving

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Looking For an In-Home Caregiver in Oxford? Some Questions to Ask How long has the caregiver been in business ? When looking for an In-Home Care Provider for your senior family member, it is important for you to choose among those who have years of experience in the field. Do they have proper training and certifications ? The caregiver you choose should have formal care giving training, along with current CPR and basic first-aid training certifications   What are their job details ? Before hiring them for the care and safety of your senior family member, make sure to have complete information regarding their job duties and what they are willing to do.

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29226 Orchard Lake Rd. Ste. 100 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 Call at: (248) 579-4426 Email at: Visit at: Our Address:

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