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A loft conversion specialist, on the other hand, has the experience and expertise to take that blank canvas, even if it is rather oddly shaped, and help you turn it into something very special.


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How To Use Difficult Spaces In Loft Conversions It is the very rare loft space that is perfectly square or rectangular. In most UK homes the loft has at least one or two awkward corners or low hanging beams that may make it seem like a successful loft conversion would be hard to pull off without wasted space or odd empty bits. And loft eaves certainly almost always present something of a design challenge. However a good loft conversion specialist can almost always find a way to work with these difficult spaces. There are in fact some rather ingenious – and certainly very practical ways – those difficult lofts spaces can be utilized for some very practical – and attractive – purposes. Here’s a look at just some of them: Replace Walls With Windows Most lofts are rather dark at least compared to the rest of the home they belong to. That means that the addition of windows and/or skylights to add light is very common in loft conversions. And often the best place to add these windows is in those odd nooks and crannies. A low triangular space for example can be a great spot to add what would be a very striking window. And while having an ‘odd shaped window’ may mean it’s hard to find blinds or curtains that issue can be solved using light-sensitive tinting or even textured glass. Make Use of Height If you have plenty of height in your loft but not much floor space building upwards can be the answer. These spaces are perfect for loft type bedroom spaces a look that is as beautiful as it is practical. Loft beds almost always feature plenty of room for under bed storage as well another way to ensure that you make the most of a limited amount of floor space while making a very practical addition to any home.

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Add Storage Whatever you decide you want to do do with your loft space after conversion you are certainly going to need storage of some kind. Odd corners are great for creating ‘storage nooks’ with built-in shelving and more. There have even been some loft conversion specialists who have found a way to turn odd under eaves spaces into that most desired of storage spaces the walk-in closet and others have used them as mini librries to showcase all those beautiful books that are all too often hidden away in boxes when they really deserve to be displayed. Add a Bathroom In the average busy family household it can often seem like there would never be able to be such a thing as too many bathrooms and it is for this reason that a bathroom addition is a very common feature of loft conversions. Often the area below the eaves which can be awkward to fit into an open plan loft does make the perfect location for an attic bathroom. These are just a few of the uses those difficult loft spaces can be put to doing a loft conversion. A good loft conversion specialist will be able to help you come up with many more. And while we are on the subject that really is the key to a successful loft conversion of any kind. Working with a loft conversion specialist. While a general contractor may be able to handle the basics just fine they lack the specialist knowledge of loft spaces to really make the most of them. A loft conversion specialist on the other hand has the experience and expertise to take that blank canvas even if it is rather oddly shaped and help you turn it into something very special. Original Content:

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