Lecture 15 - Social Change

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Lecture 15: Social Change:

Lecture 15: Social Change Chapter 15 Social Change and the Environment

How Social Change Transforms Social Life:

How Social Change Transforms Social Life The Four Social Revolutions From Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft The Industrial Revolution and Capitalism Social Movements Conflict, Power, and Global Politics

Theories and Processes of Social Change:

Theories and Processes of Social Change Evolution from Lower to Higher Natural Cycles Conflict over Power and Resources Ogburn ’ s Theory


Diffusion is the spread of an invention or discovery from one group or area to another. The technological revolution based on the microchip has become global, changing behaviors, relationships, and ideas. To register to vote, this Maasai woman in a remote area of Kenya is having her fingerprints taken by biometric equipment.

How Technology Is Changing Our Lives:

How Technology Is Changing Our Lives Extending Human Abilities The Sociological Significance of Technology When Old Technology Was New: The Impact of the Automobile The New Technology: The Microchip and Social Life Cyberspace and Social Inequality


In the photo on the left, Henry Ford proudly displays his 1905 car, the latest in automobile technology. As is apparent, especially from the spokes on the car ’ s wheels, new technology builds on existing technology. At the time this photo was taken, who could have imagined that this vehicle would transform society? The photo on the right is a concept car designed in China.


From this 1946 photo, you can see how computers have changed. This is the ENIAC, the world ’ s first computer, which weighed 30 tons, was eight feet high, three feet deep, and 100 feet long. Most cell phones have more computing power than this monstrosity.


The microchip is transforming our lives—the way we shop, spend our leisure, relate to one another, and, as shown here, the way we learn. With a computer projecting a three dimensional image of the inside of a frog, students don ’ t have to dissect real frogs.


This military command post is in South Korea, with both U.S. and South Korean personnel. South Korea and North Korea accuse one another of attacking the other ’ s communication systems. Each accusation is likely true.


The MQ-1 Predator.

The Growth Machine versus the Earth :

The Growth Machine versus the Earth Environmental Problems and Industrialization The Environmental Movement Environmental Sociology Technology and the Environment: The Goal of Harmony


Sumatran Tiger Fewer than 400, Indonesia Texas Ocelot Fewer than 250, southern United States, northern Mexico


Mountain Bongo About 50, Kenya Gaur About 36,000, Southeast Asia


Pollution in the Industrializing Nations has become a major problem. The air in Beijing is hazardous to health.




Pollution in the Least Industrialized Nations has become a major problem. These children in the Philippines are scavenging floating waste in Manila Bay.

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