Lecture 13 - Religion

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Lecture 13: Religion:

Lecture 13: Religion Chapter 13 Education and Religion

What Is Religion?:

What Is Religion? Religion Beliefs Practices A Moral Community

The Functionalist Perspective:

The Functionalist Perspective Functions of Religion Dysfunctions of Religion

The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective:

The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Religious Symbols Rituals Beliefs Religious Experience Community

The Conflict Perspective:

The Conflict Perspective Opium of the People Legitimating Social Inequalities

Religion and the Spirit of Capitalism:

Religion and the Spirit of Capitalism Religion Primary Source of Social Change Calvinism  Protestant Ethic Spirit of Capitalism

Types of Religious Groups:

Types of Religious Groups Cult Sect Church Ecclesia Variations in Patterns When Religion and Culture Conflict

Religion in the United States:

Religion in the United States Characteristics of Members Characteristics of Religious Groups Secularization of Religion and Culture

The Future of Religion:

The Future of Religion Science Cannot Answer Questions About Ultimate Meaning Religion Will Likely Prosper

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