Lecture 11 - Family and Marriage

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Lecture 11: Marriage and Family:

Lecture 11: Marriage and Family Chapter 12 Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family in Global Perspective:

Marriage and Family in Global Perspective What Is a Family? What Is Marriage? Common Cultural Themes

Marriage and Family in Theoretical Perspective:

Marriage and Family in Theoretical Perspective The Functional Perspective: Functions and Dysfunctions The Conflict Perspective: Struggles Between Husbands and Wives The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective: Gender, Housework, and Child Care

The Family Life Cycle:

The Family Life Cycle Love and Courtship in Global Perspective Marriage Childbirth Child Rearing Family Transitions

Diversity in U.S. Families:

Diversity in U.S. Families African American Families Latino Families Asian American Families Native American Families One-Parent Families Couples Without Children Blended Families Gay and Lesbian Families

Trends in U.S. Families:

Trends in U.S. Families The Changing Timetable of Family Life: Marriage and Childbirth Cohabitation The “ Sandwich Generation ” and Elder Care

Divorce and Remarriage:

Divorce and Remarriage Ways of Measuring Divorce Divorce and Intermarriage Children of Divorce Grandchildren of Divorce Fathers ’ Contact with Children after Divorce The Ex-Spouses Remarriage

Two Sides of Family Life:

Two Sides of Family Life The Dark Side of Family Life: Battering, Child Abuse, Marital Rape, and Incest The Bright Side of Family Life: Successful Marriages Symbolic Interactionism and the Misuse of Statistics

The Future of Marriage and Family:

The Future of Marriage and Family Sociological research allows us to see how our own family experiences fit into the patterns of our culture

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