Lecture 10 - Age and Gender

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Lecture 10: Age and Gender:

Lecture 10: Age and Gender Chapter 10 Gender and Age

Issues of Sex and Gender :

Issues of Sex and Gender Gender Differences in Behavior: Biology or Culture? The Dominant Position in Sociology

Opening the Door to Biology:

Opening the Door to Biology A Medical Accident The Vietnam Veterans Study More Research on Humans Reclaiming Gender New Models of Gender

Gender Inequality in Global Perspective:

Gender Inequality in Global Perspective How Did Females Become a Minority Group? Sex Typing of Work Gender and the Prestige of Work Other Areas of Global Discrimination


Photo of Xiao Xiuxiang, taken in 2002. Tiny feet were a status symbol. Making it difficult for a woman to walk; small feet indicated that a woman ’ s husband did not need his wife ’ s labor. To make the feet even smaller, sometimes the baby ’ s feet were broken and wrapped tightly. Some baby ’ s toes were cut off. Footbinding was banned by the Chinese government in 1911, but continued to be practiced in some places for several decades.


An excisor (cutter) in Uganda holding the razor blades she is about to use to circumcise teenage girls.

Gender Inequality in the United States:

Gender Inequality in the United States Fighting Back: The Rise of Feminism Gender Inequality in Everyday Life Gender Inequality in Health Care Gender Inequality in Education


For Your Consideration Hysterectomies have become so common that by age 60, one of three U.S. women has had her uterus surgically removed (Rabin 2013). Why do you think that surgeons are so quick to operate? How can women find alternatives to surgery?

Gender Inequality in the Workplace:

Gender Inequality in the Workplace The Pay Gap Is the Glass Ceiling Cracking? Sexual Harassment—And Worse

Gender and Violence:

Gender and Violence Violence against Women Various kinds of rape exist, varying from forcible rape by strangers to acquaintances Murder Domestic Violence

The Changing Face of Politics :

The Changing Face of Politics Although women voters greatly outnumber men voters, men greatly outnumber women in political office

Aging in Global Perspective:

Aging in Global Perspective Extremes of Attitudes and Practices Industrialization and the Graying of the Globe The Graying of America

The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective:

The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective When Are You “ Old ” ? Biology Personal History Gender Age Timetables Changing Perceptions of the Elderly The Influence of the Mass Media

The Functionalist Perspective:

The Functionalist Perspective Disengagement Theory Activity Theory Continuity Theory

The Conflict Perspective:

The Conflict Perspective Fighting for Resources: Social Security Legislation Intergenerational Competition and Conflict Fighting Back

Looking Toward the Future:

Looking Toward the Future New Views of Aging The Impact of Technology

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