Lecture 9 - Race Ethnicity

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Lecture 9: Race and Ethnicity:

Lecture 9: Race and Ethnicity Chapter 9 Race and Ethnicity

Race: Myth and Reality:

Race: Myth and Reality Reality of Human Variety The Myth of Pure Races The Myth of a Fixed Number of Races The Myth of Racial Superiority The Myth Continues


Tiger Woods as he answers questions at a news conference.

Ethnic Groups:

Ethnic Groups Sharing Cultural Characteristics

Minority Groups and Dominant Groups:

Minority Groups and Dominant Groups Not Size, But Dominance and Discrimination Emergence of Minority Groups Expanding Political Boundaries Migration

Ethnic Work: Constructing Our Racial-Ethnic Identity:

Ethnic Work: Constructing Our Racial-Ethnic Identity Ethnic Work

Prejudice and Discrimination:

Prejudice and Discrimination Learning Prejudice Individual and Institutional Discrimination Home Mortgages Health Care Contact Theory

Theories of Prejudice:

Theories of Prejudice Psychological Perspectives Frustration and Scapegoats The Authoritarian Personality Sociological Perspectives Functionalism Conflict Theory Symbolic Interactionism

Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations:

Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations Genocide Population Transfer Indirect Direct Internal Colonialism Segregation Assimilation Forced Permissible Multiculturalism (Pluralism)

Racial-Ethnic Relations in the United States:

Racial-Ethnic Relations in the United States European Americas Latinos (Hispanics) African Americans Asian Americans Native Americans

Looking Toward the Future:

Looking Toward the Future The Immigration Debate Affirmative Action Toward a True Multicultural Society

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