Lecture 7 - Global Stratification

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Lecture 7:

Lecture 7 Chapter 7 Global Stratification

Systems of Social Stratification:

Systems of Social Stratification Slavery Caste Estate Class Global Stratification and the Status of Females The Global Superclass


Slavery Slavery Causes Conditions Bonded Labor Slavery in the New World Slavery Today


Caste India ’ s Religious Caste South Africa U.S. Racial Caste System


Estate Nobility Clergy Commoners Women


Class Class System More Open Social Mobility

Global Stratification and the Status of Females:

Global Stratification and the Status of Females Gender is Basis of Social Stratification

The Global Superclass:

The Global Superclass Richest 1,000 Have More Wealth than the 2.5 Billion Poorest People

What Determines Social Class?:

What Determines Social Class? Karl Marx: The Means of Production Bourgeoisie Proletariat Class Consciousness False Class Consciousness Max Weber: Property, Power, and Prestige

Why Is Social Stratification Universal?:

Why Is Social Stratification Universal? The Functionalist View: Motivating Qualified People The Conflict Perspective: Class Conflict and Scarce Resources

Lenski’s Synthesis:

Lenski ’ s Synthesis Surplus is the Key

How Do Elites Maintain Stratification?:

How Do Elites Maintain Stratification? Soft Control (Ideology) Versus Force Controlling People ’ s Ideas Controlling Information Stifling Criticism Big Brother Technology

Global Stratification: Three Worlds:

Global Stratification: Three Worlds The Most Industrialized Nations The Industrializing Nations The Least Industrialized Nations Modifying the Model

How Did the World’s Nations Become Stratified?:

How Did the World ’ s Nations Become Stratified? Colonialism World System Theory Culture of Poverty Evaluating the Theories

Maintaining Global Stratification:

Maintaining Global Stratification Neocolonialism Multinational Corporations Technology and Global Domination

Strains in the Global System:

Strains in the Global System Contradictions Threaten Failure or Collapse All stratification systems have contradictions that threaten to erupt, forcing the system to change. Currently, capitalism is in crisis, and we seem to be experiencing a global shift in economic (and, ultimately, political) power from the West to the East.

Ch 11: The Transformation of Economic Systems:

Ch 11: The Transformation of Economic Systems Preindustrial Societies: The Birth of Inequality Industrial Societies: The Birth of the Machine Postindustrial Societies: The Birth of the Information Age

The Transformation of Economic Systems Continued:

The Transformation of Economic Systems Continued Biotech Societies: The Merger of Biology and Economics Implications for your Life

World Economic Systems:Capitalism :

World Economic Systems: Capitalism What Capitalism Is Private ownership of means of production Market competition Pursuit of profit What State Capitalism Is The Development of State Capitalism

World Economic Systems:Socialism :

World Economic Systems: Socialism What Socialism Is Public ownership of the means of production Central planning Distribution of goods without profit motive Socialism in Practice Democratic Socialism

Ideologies of Capitalism and Socialism & Criticisms of Capitalism and Socialism :

Ideologies of Capitalism and Socialism & Criticisms of Capitalism and Socialism Each perceives the other system as one of exploitation Capitalism leads to social inequality Socialism does not respect individual rights The two seem to be converging though

The Globalization of Capitalism:

The Globalization of Capitalism The New Global Structure and Its Effects on Workers Stagnant Paychecks The New Economic System and the Old Division of Wealth The Global Superclass

A New World Order?:

A New World Order? Trends Toward Unity Strains in the Global System

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