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Doctors Without Borders pointed to cases such as Maria, a 32-year-old Bolivian woman who working in the black economy as a maid and who should antidepressants since she eldest son discovered was seriously ill. "Starting tomorrow, they will not be able to treat to continue, "said a spokeswoman. Another immigrants, Petru from Romania, who suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes, will a right to regular insulin while losing its untreated tuberculosis health for ordinary Spaniards, the NGO added.


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Immigrants in Spain to lose right to public health:

Immigrants in Spain to lose right to public health

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Doctors say movement will affect ordinary Spaniards health, while non-governmental organizations accuse government of breaking international agreements. About 150,000 immigrants in Spain will lose their right to public health on Saturday as the recession hit country is trying to save money. But doctors warn that excluding immigrants from the wider health effect on ordinary Spaniards will have health. Along with Mariano Rajoy conservative People's Party Government has anger among doctors and some regional governments that public health to deliver Spaniards provoked. Amnesty International and other NGOs have accused the government of breaking international agreements with a significant portion of the population to exclude immigrants without proper residence, state of public health.

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