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Career Development:

Career Development Alison Barnes Saint Louis University PSYK 477 October 14, 2012


Overview What are they? Psychologically Healthy Workplace Practice Employee Growth and Development Career Development The Organization The Intervention Organizational Climate Organizational Justice Measurement and Evaluation Summary Recommendations

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Practice (PHWP) :

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Practice (PHWP) “Maximizes the integration of worker goals for well-being and company objectives for profitability and productivity” Employee Health & Organizational Health Five Interventions Work-life Balance Health and Safety Employee Growth and Development Recognition Employee Involvement

Employee Growth & development:

Employee Growth & development Why?

Career development:

Career development Why?

The Organization :

The Organization Parent Company* Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 80 Countries, 330,000 employees 14 Divisions – separate units 1866-1867 – United States 1918 2001 – merged with St Louis company 2011 - $94 billion USD U.S. - 20 factories - 9,000 employees - $12.5 billion USD - H.O. St Louis *Because of the confidentiality needed for my project, I cannot divulge either the name of the organization or my internal sources.

The Intervention:

The Intervention Universal Learning Curriculum 15 years Learning Management System Designed around organization competencies Learning Philosophy “learning organization where all associates pursue functional excellence, life-long skill development and constant professional growth” Performance Development Guide (PDG) Annually – five year plan Mandatory development programs

Organizational Climate:

Organizational Climate Influences Proximal Outcomes – performance, personal satisfaction, organizational recognition Distal Outcomes – retention Employee Health – personal satisfaction Organizational Health – retention, performance, organizational recognition Self-management and Support

Organizational Climate:

Organizational Climate Communication and Promotion Organizational Development Department Emails – at least once a month HR quarterly newsletter – dedicated section eLearning courses – “just try it” incentive Marketing plan – bi-annually Managers – PDG Persuasive Top-down

Organizational Climate:

Organizational Climate Awards “Best Place to Work” – St Louis Business Journal – 5 consecutive years, 2008-2012 “Best Place to Work” – St Louis Post Dispatch “Role Model Company” – Starkloff Disability Institute “Best Place to Work for Recent Grads” – 2010 Malcolm Baldridge Award

Organizational Justice:

Organizational Justice Leadership transformational Climate of Justice Perceived fairness Culture Orientation to retirement Promotional opportunities Ability to move Low turnover

Measurement & Evaluation:

Measurement & Evaluation Weak experimental design Surveys Focus groups No ROI Business impact Level 2 and Level 3 Learning Application


Summary PHWP important concept LMS well-developed, supported, and innovative Outcomes High level of performance Personal satisfaction Organizational recognition Retention


Recommendations Developing soft skills of managers better effectiveness of interaction with employees when setting goals and objectives for their career paths Integrating evaluation levels learning and application to strengthen the value of the programs being used Broader career paths because of the low turnover/high retention rates


References Mahoney , P. (2012a). Context: Culture & Injustice for All; Lecture 5.01. Retrieved from Mahoney, P. (2012b). Introduction to Occupational Health Psychology; Lecture 1.1 &1.2. Retrieved from Mahoney, P. (2012c). Measurement & Evaluation: Program Evaluation; Lecture 6.02. Retrieved from Northouse , P.G. (2010). Leadership. (5 th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA; Sage Publications. Because of the confidentiality needed for my project, I cannot divulge either the name of the organization or my internal sources.

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