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SAP Integration Training Program:

SAP Integration Training Program Alison Barnes Saint Louis University March 13, 2012


Background Global organization Two hundred countries Many product differentiations Goal: To move from individual company systems to an integrated worldwide system


Background Program built in-house Mandated program Will happen, in this time frame, with this budget Specific teams put together for separate areas


Analysis Person analysis Interviewed employees Day-to-day processes Task analysis Collated information with new SAP tasks

Design & Development:

Design & Development St. Louis Training Team Learning Theory Information Processing Theory “Big picture” scenario LEON scheduling tool


Implementation SME training Face-to-face small classes – 3-10 people one-on-one Methodology PowerPoints Quick reference cards Hands-on via simulator

Transfer of Training:

Transfer of Training Immediate Support – first 2 weeks 24hour support One trainer per small group In physical distance Quick reference cards

Further Support:

Further Support Next 1-2 weeks Staggered coverage over 24hour period Central Support Group - St Louis – 24 hour phone support


Evaluation Before training Revamp training materials Peer review group St Louis Training Team During training Anonymous online feedback sheets Collation by St Louis Training Team


Evaluation After training Two anonymous surveys – Likert scale Measurements General questions Consistency of mistakes Decrease in support calls

Factors to Change:

Factors to Change Information Processing Theory Trainer does not receive feedback unless negative Surveys only show trends


Glossary SAP - Software by German company, SAP AG. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning Application (ERP). GFIT – SAP training team

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