8 Important Metrics Help You Improve SEO Rankings

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Wondering what went wrong with your SEO efforts? These metrics prove to be essential for the success of your SEO efforts, let’s have a look at them.


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8 Important Metrics Help You Improve SEO Rankings:

8 Important Metrics Help You Improve SEO Rankings

1) Number of Clicks :

1) Number of Clicks Start with the comparison of  organic clicks  received by your website per month.  Find which search queries generated those clicks . A study of Analytics will help you everything about the clicks You’ll also come to know which landing pages are attracting people to make them click.


Steps to get the report – Go to Search Traffic (in Search Console tab) Then click on Search Analytics.

2) Keep Bounce Rate under Control:

2) Keep Bounce Rate under Control After clicks, the  bounce rate  is the metric which needs to be assessed immediately . Depending on the structure and matter, a high bounce rate can prove to be either a positive or negative metric. Bounce rate clearly indicates that your website is surely not having the matter which your users want.


Steps to access bounce rate report – Click on Behavior. Then go to Site Content. Finally, go to  Landing Pages .

3) Keyword Ranking Vigilance:

3) Keyword Ranking Vigilance Keyword ranking determines the traffic to a website. When you know which keywords drive traffic to your website then you don’t really have to rely on paid Marketing tactics. Steps to access Keyword Ranking report   You need to go to the “Queries” report in the Search Console . You’ll find the number of impressions received, the  CTR  and others.

4) Mobile Usability:

4) Mobile Usability If you come to know where your mobile users are going through problems while navigating the then it can site can help you provide a better mobile experience to them. Steps to access mobile usability report– Go to Search Traffic in the Search Console tab. Choose Mobile Usability.

5) Lifetime Value Calculation :

5) Lifetime Value Calculation If you are able to see the lifetime value report, you can conclude the value of a unique user when compared to business goals. This report can determine the potential revenue of a  user reaching your site due to different acquisition efforts . In this metric, you can choose Goal Completions, Pageviews , App views, Revenue, Session Duration, Transactions, Tenure, and Sessions.


Step to access Lifetime Value report– First, click on Audience. Then go to Lifetime Value.

6) Assess Crawl Errors:

6) Assess Crawl Errors When you create a website, your first goal remains to get crawled by Google, isn’t it? But, if this doesn’t happen, your chances of appearing on appearing on SERPs go trimmed. There may be crawl errors where Google bots won’t be able to find a particular web page, you’ll have to repair them.


Steps to access Crawl Error Report– Click on Crawl and Crawl Error in Search Console.

7) Focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages:

7) Focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages Accelerated Mobile Pages  or AMP is another metric that deserves the presence in this list . AMP actually helps website owners to create fast loading web pages for mobile users. Steps to access AMP report- Click on Search Appearance and Accelerated Mobile Pages in the Search Console

8) Check Quality of Inbound Link:

8) Check Quality of Inbound Link SEO and backlinks are a great match or better say both exist for each other. The quality of inbound backlinks determines your  off-page SEO   efforts Steps to access backlink report- Go to Traffic Sources. Then move to Sources and Referral in Google Analytics.

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