6 Tips to Make Your Ad Copy Sales-Driven

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To improve your ad copywriting and come with a great ad copy to get better ROI, these following tips will help you.


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6 Tips to Make Your Ad Copy Sales-Driven :

By DSIM 6 Tips to Make Your Ad Copy Sales-Driven

1. Research :

S earch each and every detail of your audience, their behavior their problems and their desires . After the research you’ll be able to address your audience in a better way. If you have details of your Target audience then it would be easy for you to prepare a suitable message for them 1. Research

2. Emotional Marketing :

Emotional marketing  is something that triggers your audience . Emotional responses act 5 times faster than our brain to conclude the same information . Some marketers opt this technique to increase your customer base. The most common emotion types are fear, sadness, anger, and joy. 2. Emotional Marketing

3. Engaging Headline:

It is always important to make your audience notice right from the beginning of the ad .   If you’ve not grabbed your audience attention, your ad copy won’t be read by them . To write engaging headline you can use tools like : Hemingway Sharethrough ,  HubSpot ,  CoSchedule   3. Engaging Headline

4. Present, noticeable and Informative Content :

When you’re creating an ad, ensure it’s clear a nd informative . Add the USP of your product or service in your ad copy.  See this example of a persuasive  AdWords  ad in the following image- 4. Present, noticeable and Informative Content

5. Statistics & Facts :

Stats always drive the attention of the audience .  When you’re creating an ad, highlight a problem with the help of stats . You can easily convince your customers with the help of these ads. 5. Statistics & Facts

6. Test and experiment it :

Once, you’ve come to know to write a perfect ad copy, it’s time to test and experiment it . You can optimize your ads using  Google Conversion Optimizer This will help you in knowing if your ad is suitable for running or not 6. Test and experiment it

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