5 Simple Steps to a Winning Social Media strategy

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Here, in this article, you will come to know 5 effective social media strategies to rule the market


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5 Simple Steps to a Winning Social Media Strategy :

5 Simple Steps to a Winning Social Media Strategy By DSIM

1) Assess Your Current Business Social Presence :

1) Assess Your Current Business Social Presence Apart from creating social media profiles for businesses, you need to focus on below-mentioned points Which networks are you currently active on? Have you optimized your networks (photo and cover images, bio,  URL , etc.)? Which networks are presently bringing you the most value? How do you compare your profiles to your competitors’ profiles ? Thus, when you’re going to prepare social media strategy, you first go for a survey of your social profiles created for business.

2) Enlist Your Ideal or Targeted Audience :

2) Enlist Your Ideal or Targeted Audience Its important to know your target audience so that you can easily sell your products  analyze all social media channels and enlist the users who are relevant to your business . Then, you will go for enlisting their general description, name, their habits, their likes, dislikes and much more . If you answer the following questions, you will get highly focused buyer persona-


Age Location Job Title Income Pain Points (that your business can solve) Most Used Social Network These tools will help you in knowing the traffic your competitors are getting.

3) Create Your Social Media Mission Statement :

3) Create Your Social Media Mission Statement Social media statement  is something that drives your future actions, so you should think about it . The statement will clearly define your social media goals and also reflect your brand identity . keep your ideal customer in your mind while creating this statement . Once you have documented your statement, it gets easy for you to decide what to share and create.


If it doesn’t match with your mission statement, forget about it Businesses which post occasionally without a mission statement will fail .

4) Identify Potential Metrics :

4) Identify Potential Metrics Metrics  are certainly an essential part of social media strategy preparation . If you want to analyze the success of your social media marketing efforts, check out the performance of your metrics . Metrics are not only about gaining more and more  followers , but also about making money .


A few considerable metrics are: Conversion Rate Time Spent on Website Reach Brand Mentions Sentiment Total Shares You can use several tools for optimizing your metrics, like this one used for conversion rate optimization.

5) Create Engaging Social Media Content :

5) Create Engaging Social Media Content Content  is definitely a common step among all strategies as it really brings a great worth . So, what type of content exactly you should create ? Here are few examples- Images Infographics eBooks Interviews Videos Blog Posts


You can use tools for creating infographics , videos, eBooks and others . For instance, Canva is used infographics creation .

Conclusion :

Conclusion Social media always works for businesses . To be successful, you are supposed to focus on preparing strategies to get success . The steps mentioned in this PPT will help you in creating a successful social media strategy.

About DSIM :

About DSIM Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers Masters in Digital Marketing, making individuals learn how to do marketing online. It offers Digital Marketing course in Pune , Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi & all over India.  Follow DSIM On:  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook

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