10 Common Mistakes New E-commerce Businesses Make

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Here are the 10 common mistakes new e-commerce businesses make, but avoiding it all, you can be ahead.


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10 Common Mistakes New E-commerce Businesses Make :

10 Common Mistakes New E-commerce Businesses Make

1) Improper Product Descriptions :

1) Improper Product Descriptions Product descriptions  are the lifeline of an e-commerce business. N ew marketers don’t take it as a vital measure and won’t provide proper information about their products on their websites . This can cause huge loss, so ensure proped product description.

2) Ineffective Images for Product :

2) Ineffective Images for Product If your  product image  isn’t effective enough, it may not drive your customers to the required place . So, when you’re adding an image to your product, make sure it’s engaging and attractive.

3) Lack of Business Story :

3) Lack of Business Story Don’t forget to put  the story behind your business    Your   audiences  will be eager to know about you & your values and also your truthfulness towards them .

4) Frustrating Navigation :

4) Frustrating Navigation Navigation  becomes critical when even after spending hours shopping, your customers are not able to access your products . So, as a new e-com marketer keep eyes on this factor and try to provide superior navigation.

5) Slow Page Loading Time :

5) Slow Page Loading Time Some websites take a lot of time in loading this happens because sites have multiple images of various size Maximum time for e-commerce websites (Amazon and Flipkart ) page loading  should be 7-8 seconds.

6) No Responsive Design :

6) No Responsive Design Mobile e-commerce  is gradually developing 51% of adults purchase through mobiles and the number is still growing Y ou need to address the importance of a  mobile responsive website , not only for you but also for your consumers .

7) Technical SEO Errors :

7) Technical SEO Errors E nsure your website has passed all SEO tests . Some errors would be, The first one would be duplicate page creation due to URL variables . One can rectify it with “Canonicalization .” The second one is  404 like errors . One should do a detailed examination of technical SEO errors.

8) Information Missing on “About” Page :

8) Information Missing on “About” Page “About” pages are there in websites as an imperative part . most of your visitors stop by your “About” page . The page is really important to drive your sales proposition . your “About” page should be for your consumers so that they can better understand your brand.

9) Not as much of Social Activities :

9) Not as much of Social Activities Y ou can’t flourish without social media integration .   e-commerce sector, social media channels like  Facebook ,  Twitter , and Google+ are immensely important . also need to focus on the online reputation management of your brand as well.  Reviews make a great difference in e-commerce businesses.

10) Improper Cart Management :

10) Improper Cart Management Sometimes you may find that, when you put a product in your cart it seems to be out of stock You may find options like “Credit Card, Debit Card and Internet Banking ” when gone for processing, the “make the payment” won’t be working or taking time in redirection to bank’s page. T here is a chance of “session out”. Lack of “COD” feature also causes problems to consumers.

Conclusion :

Conclusion E-commerce is surely a great resource for revenue generation. But, numbers of businesses fail to accomplish their goals lacking several inputs required for successful enrichment . Above mentioned are some of the mistakes you should know & avoid as new e-commerce brand in order to flourish.

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