Mitral Valve Surgery


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Mitral valve surgery is done in cases where the mitral valve suffers from leakage or has narrowed down.


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Mitral Valve Surgery The “inflow valve” for the left side of the heart is called the mitral valve. It is through this valve that blood flows from the left atrium to the left ventricle which is also called as the hearts main pumping chamber. Mitral valve surgery is done in cases where the mitral valve suffers from leakage or has narrowed down. Due to leakage the blood is sent back to the left atria while narrowing of the valve restricts the flow of the blood. The problems related to mitral valve are categorised as “degenerative diseases” as it is the result of wear and tear of the valve with advancing age. At the same time there are a few cases where the defect is detected right from the time of birth. Apart from the usual wear and tear process bacterial endocarditis infection rheumatic fever and coronary artery disease are also reasons for the leaking and narrowing of the mitral valve. In order to fix the problem a surgery is conducted wherein the mitral valve is repaired or in cases wherein repairing can not be done it is replaced with a new one. The replaced valve can either be a mechanical one or a biological one. While mechanical valves are composed of pyrolytic carbon and metal the biological ones are made from animal tissues. Based on factors like the age of the patient lifestyle followed by the patient risk of re-operation etc. the valve type is chosen. Mitral valve surgery can be performed either as the traditional

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open heart surgery or through minimally invasive procedures. After the surgery often the patients experience sharp pains on either sides of the chest upper back area and shoulders. It takes almost 4-6 weeks for this pain to subside.. Proper rest and avoidance of strenous activities is generally recommended to the patient. This should be followed with a very healthy diet and avoidance of smoking and alcohol. Care should be taken that regular follow ups are done with the doctor so that the formation of blood clots and infections are avoided. As artificial valves need to be replaced within a certain time period it becomes all the more important that the patient consults the doctor on a regular basis. You can get more information on mitral valve surgery by visiting or sending an email at

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