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Ardaiz Aaron is an experienced welder, who worked for various companies during his career, including a six-year Deal with National Welding Corporation of course.


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Aaron Ardaiz Expert Welder Aaron Ardaiz worked for the National Welding Corporation for six years welding major pipelines throughout the United States. In November of 2015, Ardaiz moved to Peoria, Arizona to work for All Things Metal, a local company working with many small businesses and individuals in the community. Ardaiz majored in Machine Tool Technology at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, where he grew up. Ardaiz has experience using Mig, Stick, Tig welding and machine tools, and works well in a collaborative atmosphere. Ardaiz takes pride in his work every time, making him an invaluable asset to All Things Metal.


Aaron Ardaiz Professional Welder Aaron Ardaiz was born in Corvallis, Oregon and grew up in nearby Albany, Oregon. He played baseball throughout high school and learned much about teamwork and life during his time on the field. Ardaiz then went to school to learn how to work with metal as a welder so he could find a good job. He attended Linn Benton Community College in Albany to learn how to be a welder. Today, he lives in Peoria and works for a metal company. Aaron Ardaiz has many years of experience working with metal materials and welding. He earned a degree in Machine Tool Technology at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon before he started his career in welding.


Aaron Ardaiz Trained in Pipe Welding and Metal Working Aaron Ardaiz earned a degree in Machine Tool Technology from Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Throughout his career since, he has made excellent use of the skills he developed in community college and on the job as he started his career for the major welding company, the National Welding Corporation. Aaron Ardaiz is a highly trained pipe welding professional living and working in Peoria, Arizona. Ardaiz spent six years working for the National Welding Corporation, working on several large pipe welding projects throughout the country. He now works for All Things Metal, a local small business in Peoria, where he works well with the team and provides all customers with excellent service.


Aaron Ardaiz Love of Fishing and Water Sports Before Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder based in Peoria, Arizona, he fell in love with fishing and water sports. When he was a boy, his stepfather took him to a remote island in Alaska where they fished for a week. A helicopter had to take them into the island and drop them off. Ardaiz became infatuated with the water and wilderness that surrounded them.


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