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Fernando Marín Valencia on La República, check out https://www.larepublica.co/archivo/fernando-marin-valencia-2411658


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BIOGRAPHY With more than 36 years of experience in the construction industry Fernando Marín Valencia has become one of Colombia’s major developers. In 2002 Fernando Marín Valencia served as an ambassador in Thailand Malaysia and Vietnam. In 2004 he founded Grama Construcciones a top Colombian company which has transformed the lives of thousands of families in the Colombian Caribbean as well as other important cities like Bogotá and Bucaramanga among others. Fernando Marín Valencia President of Grama Construcciones gives his insight on making the right investments predictions for the construction sector and current projects. Fernando Marín Valencia Insight on Making the Right Investments  The northern coast of Colombia is an attractive investment destination not only for real estate due to the fact that it has the best ports in Cartagena Santa Marta and Barranquilla.  Barranquilla is one the most interesting cities along the Atlantic coast because several positive initiatives and incentives have been introduced for businesses and investors.  Barranquilla is strategically located to keep growing and offering great opportunities in real estate.  We can expect a serious injection of foreign investment along the Atlantic coast this year.

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Fernando Marín Valencia Expectation and Target for the Colombian Construction Sector  Government housing subsidies will continue to spur the sector and add to its growth figures.  The depreciation of the peso might tighten up the domestic market somewhat especially from the US mainly from Colombian expatriates or people with Colombian roots living there  Other sectors will also keep growth rates stable with the coffee sector flowers and other sectors expected to post high export rates Fernando Marín Valencia Main Projects Ciudad Caribe which includes 4500 units valued between 15000 and 30000

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Ciudad del Mar which features more than 3000 units aimed at middle-income families worth between COP170 million and COP280 million. A top-tier project between Barranquilla and Cartagena called Novaterra which is like a small city in itself and houses there go from 400000 onwards 52-storey hotel AC Marriot by the sea Amura which will be the tallest hotel and condo in Cartagena

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