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White Privilege :

White Privilege Multicultural Psychology Aaron Wickel

The question at hand:

The question at hand If you are a white person, adopt the perspective of a person of color, and if you are a person of color, adopt the perspective of a white person, and write an essay (or do a PowerPoint presentation) in which you discuss the fears and concerns that you believe such a person would bring to a discussion of race and privilege. I am White, so I will do my best to answer this question.

Before getting started:

Before getting started Before we get started I would like to express that it is not my intent to offend anyone and I recognize that my opinions will differ from other’s. My opinions are my own, and if you don’t like them, move on, they are nothing but words. As college students I fully expect you to be intelligent enough to know that there is a stop button on this presentation and you don’t have to view this. Times are changing, so is the world. With change there must be time to adjust. We are working on adjusting as we speak.

The Hopes for a better world:

The Hopes for a better world As not just a person of color, but also a citizen of the human race, I would expect the same treatment extended to me that everyone else gets. That would be the ideal wouldn’t it? I would expect that people of any race would come to my aid just as I would come to theirs. I want to have allies and friendships available to me from every race.

Example in the Book:

Example in the Book I do not agree with everything in this book, sorry, but I don’t. The situation, which was read, is handled poorly by both parties and both are at some degree of fault, not just the white person, and that should be recognized. Really in any decent adult leader would know that there should be accounts from both sides of the story. You can’t assume anything without either side of the story. REMEMBER: When you assume, it makes an Ass out of U and Me. When the situation is handled again, it’s better, but still deficient in details. This is the ideal way to deal with it compared to the latter. On this example, as a person of color, I would fear not having a support against something like this IF it was a racial issue. I know that when I personally have something that I really wanted fall through my fingers, I tend to be upset and point fingers too. It’s natural.


Privilege Without doubt, there is white privilege that still is a problem in society as a whole, and measures are being taken every day to mitigate it. Privilege isn’t just a white thing, there are these problems around the world. These all need to be taken care of. I will defend my allies, my friends of all races, just as I would expect the same from them. It all just comes down to peace when you think about it.

Unintentional racism:

Unintentional racism Hey, it happens, but when it does happen, it needs to be corrected so it doesn’t happen again. Mutual respect, cultural understanding, and acceptance play a HUGE role in solving this problem. I have fears to speak out against unintentional racism, because I fear to be misunderstood. I have fear to speak out because I may be physically or mentally abused for it. This should not be.

Racism in every culture:

Racism in every culture Like I said before, there are two sides to the story. Racism can happen from one race to another, or can occur in the same race. An example using an IHOP employee in Austin, Texas. “Don’t label me, I don’t label you” The man spoke out against the unintentional racism, as it should have been.

In Closing:

In Closing Racism can be stopped, but only with time. There is no immediate solution to this problem. Racism is being severely frowned upon by the upcoming generations and as the older (more racist generations) stop polluting the minds of the young with racist garbage, racism can be cured. The problem is actually curing it. References to the stories that I used are on the end slide. Thank you so much for listening, I hope that you enjoyed it.

References :

References Siron , C. (2016). Couple upset over ‘BLACK PPL’ label on Austin restaurant receipt. Retrieved April 25, 2016, from http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2016/03/92451.html/ Rothenberg, P. S., & Munshi , S. (2016). White privilege: Essential readings on the other side of racism (5th ed.). Rachel Losh . 209-211

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