El Pretérito

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Spanish Preterite Tense


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El Pretérito:

El Pretérito Explicando lo que pas ó

The Endings For Regular Verbs:

The Endings For Regular Verbs -AR verb endings -é -amos - aste -ó -aron -ER/-IR verb endings -í - imos -iste - ió - ieron

The Infinitive:

The Infinitive When you learn a verb , you typically learn its infinitive form . For example : HABLAR, COMER, or ESCRIBIR Remember that all verbs are made of up two parts : the stem and the ending . Habl ar

Conjugating the verb HABLAR:

Conjugating the verb HABLAR amos aste ó aron Step 1 Remove the ending Hablar Step 2 Add the ending that matches the doer of the action . é

Process Summary:

Process Summary Select the verb that means what you want to communicate . Remove the – ar , - er , or –ir. Add the ending that matches who it was that did the action .

You can do this:

You can do this Remember that all things are difficult before they become easy . If you continually work at conjugating the verbs , one night you will go to sleep and when you wake up you will conjugate without having to think .

You really can do it:

You really can do it Give your brain time to make sense of it all . In the meantime , keep conjugating .

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