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MLB & Media:

MLB & Media Aaron Arts-Kottke

Social Media:

Social Media Platforms to interact with fans, community, corporations, other teams/companies Social Media Facebook and Twitter are the top 2 platforms used in the MLB Social Media Yankees are #1 in Facebook Likes and #2 in Twitter followers Social Media MLB is #2 in Facebook Likes and #1 in Re-Tweets

Chart Showing FB/Twitter Followers:

Chart Showing FB/Twitter Followers

Top MLB Players Social Media:

Top MLB Players Social Media

MLB Media Center:

MLB Media Center Media Center Shows all games on a given day MLB Media Center Times games are played MLB Media Center MLB TV/TV channel game is on MLB Media Center Radio stations in both cities of the teams playing

MLB Advanced Media:

MLB Advanced Media Digital Tech company of the MLB MLB Advanced Media Seen more as a media company versus baseball MLB Advanced Media Product offerings are viewed as benchmarks for other sport leagues MLB Advanced Media Biggest Media Company MLB Advanced Media Most never heard of

MLB Advanced Media:

MLB Advanced Media Started in 2000 MLB Advanced Media Funded by 30 clubs; each investing 1 million a year over 4 years MLB Advanced Media Cost targeted at $120 million MLB Advanced Media Baseball web presence started making more revenue in 2003; allowed owners to invest $70-75 million before seeing ROI MLB Advanced Media The 30 owners now get annual dividends; reportedly about $7-8 million per club in 2014


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