8 Digital Marketing Tips For Real Estate

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Willing to establish a niche for your real estate business? Creating a strong social media presence through websites, social platforms, videos, etc. you can target the buyers. If you are looking for some SEO company in Pune for pro digital marketing tips to achieve the 100% occupancy, check out this quick presentation.


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Introduction: Earlier the realtors were dependent on direct mails television and radio campaigns. However in the era of digitization everything is going digital. You will find some effective marketing strategies for real estate that can help you grow online in this presentation.

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1 Establishing the Target Niche ● You need to define the target audience before you get into a marketing strategy. ● Filtering the audience will help you build a buyer-centric marketing strategy. ● Understanding your buyer will also help you to convey your brand story swiftly.

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2 Building a Business Website ● An SEO-optimized website will have higher ROI and will be mobile responsive. ● The Internet Data Exchange program allows you to share property details with others. ● Showing the images of the property offer transparency between buyer and seller. ● Add call to actions contact forms and offers to provoke an immediate response from the potential homebuyer.

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3 Creating Strong Social Media Presence ● Nowadays everybody is on social media platforms. ● Create business pages to attract the audience and to advertise using the videos and pictures. ● Sharing the offers and budget creates interest among the buyers.

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4 Creating Video Contents ● Videos are the most engaging content format to convey your brand story. ● Promoting videos on YouTube Vimeo and other social platforms will help the potential homebuyers to get a detailed look into your property. ● Live videos are more genuine as it attracts users to create a positive impression. ● Include videos that consist of buying tips client testimonials and FAQs.

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5 Using CRM Software ● CRM helps to keep track of leads properties and clients. ● It also helps to sort the leads based on filters such as pricing requirement and area. ● You can maintain a healthy relationship with your clients. ● Send automated messages and emails on birthdays and holidays.

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6 Building Strong Online Presence ● Most of the potential customers depend on the reviews about the developer given by the homeowners. ● Ask the buyers of the property to leave feedback and ratings after buying a home in your project. ● Positive reviews will help you boost the occupancies.

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7 Appearing on the First Pages of Search Engines ● Optimize the website using popular keywords meta-descriptions and title tags. Offering fresh and engaging information from time to time will help your business page to rank on the first page of the search results. ● Being a successful SEO company in Pune we aim to find the right balance between organic ranking and paid advertisements to get the best ROI.

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8 Running Remarketing Advertisements ● Buying a home is a time taking process. ● Use remarketing ads to re-engage the audience with your brand who have already visited your website. ● Follow your potential homebuyers on social media YouTube and search engine community. ● Pitch offers and discounts during remarketing campaigns.

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The ongoing technological advancements in digitization have set up the new trend for Real Estate marketing. Thus promoting your business on search engines will help you generate qualified leads. Unlike traditional marketing digital marketing allows you to calculate the ROI track user behavior and save your time. Read More : 8 Digital Marketing Tips For Real Estate

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