What Is The Difference Between ISO 18001 and ISO 45001 Certification

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How Do ISO 18001 and ISO 45001 Compare with Each Other ISO 18001 and ISO 45001 are two different standards targeted towards the same goal which is improvement of working conditions. Having either of the two standards is a good thing for your business but knowing the difference between the two helps with the decision of choosing one. ISO 45001 certification is the more preferable of the two as it is proactive in its approach towards risk mitigation. To that end it drives the high ranking managers to look actively into safety programs and such things. But that’s not the only thing that makes the two certifications different from one another. Other points of difference that ISO 45001 certification consultants like to stress on are elaborated below.  The first thing that makes the two certifications different is their respective management commitment. In 45001 that is the focal point. According to it the workers’ safety is to be ensured through the involvement of the managers in the top tiers. It insists on a top-down structure where the management would act as the safety leaders instead of briefing the employees on the safety programs.  The ISO 45001 is for a broader participation in which the management and employees work together to ensure safe working conditions. According to this standard the employees are to be trained and educated to spot the risks so that they can create their own safety programs to neutralize them. It advocates for everyone in the company to be responsible for a safe working environment. ISO 18001 is for a less effective approach. An ISO 45001 service provider can help shed light on the details of this.  One of the key points of clash between the two OHS certification standards is the design. While 45001 embeds the responsibilities pertaining to safety and health as widely as possible ISO 18001 narrows it down. The former is for a more robust safety culture in which recruitment is integrates with the visions of health and safety so that the programs become a part of the general administration.

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 Another obvious difference is in the structure. Their structures are essentially different. Formerly it was based on ISO Guide 83 while that can be changed to Annex SL. Those of you who have used systems like ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 would be familiar with this new structure. This structure makes implementing of several management systems easier. This makes the implementation more streamlined and manifold more efficient.  While 18001 is for controlling the risks 45001 is for encouraging the management and the employees into formulating preventive measures to counter the risks effective when they arrive. This makes remedying risks of broader nature possible. Businesses that are 18001 standardized have till the first quarter of 2021 to change over to 45001. Beyond that period businesses under ISO 18001 Certification will be put under an independent occupational healthy safety management system to be covered on those grounds. If you need advice on business certifications talk to the ISO 18001 Certification consultants available near you.

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