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Aahwan Foundation is an NGO in directly benefit to needdy person and his team or family of aahwan increase day by day, through more than 100th live welfare projects on education, healthcare and women empowerment, in over 1000 villages and he already working on various slum for.


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http://www.aahwahan.com/ infoaahwahan.com 9113018004 / 7795065657 Why Join NGO in India What to know about NGOs You may ask us why join NGO in India We want to tell you that Indian NGOs are very much humanitarian in their outlook towards the society. Most NGOs also known as non-governmental organizations have got themselves registered under the society registration act 1860. They have also got permission from the Indian government to work for the benefit of the society. This is a unique thing as even the Indian government extends help to NGOs when they need funds to work for the benefit of needy people. Most NGO workers do welfare of the society by giving food clothing housing and education to downtrodden people of the society.

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http://www.aahwahan.com/ infoaahwahan.com 9113018004 / 7795065657 What are the functions of NGOs in India If you join an NGO in Bangalore jobs then you will know that though it is a private body or organization yet it can approach anybody for help to get success in their humanitarian tasks. The greatest power of NGOs is that they can get help from government and corporate organizations when they need it. The main function of these institutions is to do welfare activities for the welfare of the society. You may find them getting active mainly during some natural disasters like flood and earthquakes as well as epidemics. During such emergencies NGOs act as saviors and help the suffering masses. Who gives support to NGOs Sometimes NGO for health also act as an administrative unit with the permission of the government of India. These institutions act as a rescue group during healthcare related operations. Take for example many NGOs in India are visiting rural areas to make their masses aware about polio vaccine that is to be given to children to save them from paralysis. Even for this task people give donations to these institutions to meet the expenses of social welfare. Yet every NGO has to meet the compliance and rules that have been laid by the government. Most NGO institutions are run by persons who know the laws about how to operate them for the benefit of the society. Government gives annual funds to these organizations so that they can meet the expenses of humanitarian tasks. Contact Detail Building No-40 4th Floor 9th Block Jayanagr Bangalore-69

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