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Why Should You Go for Roopkund Trek? If you are an adventure enthusiast then you will love this mysterious lake trekking destination for sure. Roopkund lake trek is one of the most popular and difficult treks of India. Roopkund locally known as Mystery Lake, Skeletons Lake is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India.


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If you are an adventure enthusiast then you will love this mysterious lake trekking destination for sure.  Roopkund lake trek  is one of the most popular and difficult treks of India . Roopkund locally known as Mystery Lake, Skeletons Lake is a high altitude glacial lake in the  Uttarakhand  state of India. It lies in the lap of Trishul massif and is famous for the hundreds of human skeletons found at the edge of the lake . The area is uninhabited, in the  Himalayas  at an altitude of 5,029 meters (16,499 feet).  A shallow lake, having a depth of about two meters,  Roopkund Lake Trek  has attracted attention because of the human skeletal remains that are visible at its bottom when the snow melts .

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Researchers have concluded that the skeletons are the remains of people killed in a sudden, violent hailstorm in the 9th century. Because of the human remains, the lake has been called Skeleton Lake in recent times.

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Unlike the common getaways such as Goa, Manali; Roopkund is quite unique. Trekking to Roopkund-The Mysterious Skeleton Lake, camping on the rocky-icy mountains under the luminous sky, and waking up to some breathtaking views and the awesome environment is what one cannot miss and is once in a lifetime experience . Reasons to go for Roopkund Trek   Going on a Roopkund Lake Trek is a decision you will never regret, it is a picturesque tourist destination loved by all the adventure lovers. Roopkund Lake is covered with ice for most of the year . Roopkund takes you on a splendid adventure on snow. Experience a trekking adventure that touches the core of your heart by its sheer intensity and thrill. It is one of the unique adventure treks .

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Roopkund Trek is a package of adventure, mystery and mesmerizing beauty with great forests, vast meadows, alpine snow land, terrific views and an adrenaline kick. The best part is trek brings out the hidden potentiality in you. Stepping out from your comfort zone and landing into some unknown and mysterious place is nothing less than a dream. The place is full of astounding and enchanting views.

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If you are one of those who follow their heart and welcome adventures with open arms, then Roopkund Trek is for you and you should definitely give it a try ! So, if you are curious enough to go on this adventurous Roopkund Lake trek then Aahvan Adventures is the right choice for you, we at  Aahvan Adventures  provides you with the best Roopkund Trek package,  Roopkund trek cost  is totally affordable and it’s all worth the experience you are going to have there.


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