Google Announces AMP speed and view ability enhancements for ads

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Google Announces AMP speed and view ability enhancements for ads Last week Google’s accelerated mobile pages AMP group announced the latest enhancements to all ads served in AMP . Through this announcement Google has given the hint about the three-phase plan that supports advertsing functonality in AMP and indicated that the project has reached the second phase. Through phase one Google’s AMP emphasized on giving basic support for advertsements within accelerated mobile pages. And now the second phase aims at speeding up the AMP ad rendering and utlizing the Fast Fetch functon. The fast fetch feature is improved version of delayed fetch the previous method through which it allows the ads to happen when the page content is getng rendered. From Google’s announcement: “With Fast Fetch ads are requested much earlier in the lifecycle of the page allowing page rendering and creatve selecton in the ad server to happen in parallel. Fast Fetch is 850ms faster at the 50th percentle and 2.7s faster at the 90th percentle as compared to Delayed Fetch” said Google in its latest announcement. What has changed Thus this new announcement is all about giving boost to all ads that are under AMP. All ads that have been created using the accelerated mobile pages will now witness an extra performance with this new change. Those advertsers who are using AdSense and DoubleClick have already started witnessing beneft brought afer the view ability enhancements because both AdSense and Double Click convert the eligible advertsements to the accelerated mobile pages format. This enhancement from Google is purposely done to encourage advertsers and creatve to develop AMP ads and start using Fast Fetch in their ad tags. What are the benefts This new method will not only improve the ad rendering tme on web page but also improve the overall content. This way it will assist in increasing the view ability metric for posted ads and thus beneft the advertsers and publishers. The features that have been planned with the part of fast

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fetch include removal of roadblocks for AMP pages and ability to refresh the posted ads at faster frequency. It will also give support to ad requests by giving informaton to the ad server quickly. Publishers technical experts and e-commerce advertsers are stll discussing the whys why nots benefts and demerits on adopton of AMP but so far they have been given thumbs up by the Adsense users. Original Source - Google Announces AMP speed and view ability enhancements for ads

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