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Money Money Money1st Grade LessonMoney Currency WebQuest : 

Money Money Money1st Grade LessonMoney Currency WebQuest By Araz Aghamalian EDUC 500 Dr. Lee

ELD/ELA Standards : 

ELD/ELA Standards Listening and Speaking (K-2) (ELD 1(B)- Beginning > Answer simple questions with one-two-word responses, Listen attentively to stories/information. (ELD 2(EI)- Early Intermediate > Ask and answer questions using phrases or simple sentences, Listen attentively to stories/information. (ELD 3(I)- Intermediate > Ask and answer instructional questions using simple sentences. (ELD 4(EA)- Early Advanced> Listen attentively to stories/information, and orally identify details and concepts. (ELD 5(A)- Advanced> Listen attentively to storied/information on new topics, and identify both orally and in writing key details and concepts.

Additional Content Standards Addressed : 

Additional Content Standards Addressed Communication and Expression Through Original Works of Art 2.4 Plan and use variations in line, shape/form, color, and texture to communicate ideas or feelings in works of art. 2.8 Create artwork based on observations of actual objects and everyday scenes.

Guided practice : 

Guided practice Together we will come up with a standard to exchange. We will discuss how much rice you can get with a jar of oil and so on. Then I will explain that this is how the value of money came about. They needed money to have something standard to buy and sell merchants and food.

Independent practice : 

Independent practice Students will use prior knowledge of colors and drawing to create their own money currency after they have learned about money and how in old times people exchanged materials instead of money.

Extension/ Follow Up : 

Extension/ Follow Up If students have actual coins from different countries they can bring them in to the class and show it to the rest of the class.

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