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INTRODUCTION Kagaz was founded with the strong belief that there was a need for a vehicle to market the vast and diverse art items made out of paper pieces and thereby help fulfill the need to provide employment to the deprived, unfortunate sections of the society who are associated with various NGOs


WHY THE NAME KAGAZ The idea behind launching Kagaz is to create best products out of waste. The products are all made from residual material of sugarcane plant


CUSTOMER PROFILE Demographics :: SEC – AB Age Group :: 19 + Geographic :: We are primarily targeting top 36 metros in India Psychographic :: Environment-friendly, fashion forward, brand conscious and experimental


PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Paper purses Price - Rs . 800 - 2000

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Paper bags Price - Rs . 1200 - 2500

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Paper wallets Price - Rs . 500 - 1000

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Paper spectacle case Price - Rs . 250 - 500

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Kagaz caps Price - Rs. 400 – 2000 Watches with Kagaz straps Price - Rs. 3000 - 10000 Kagaz Quilts Price - Rs. 6000 - 12000


ASSOCIATION WITH Shoppers Stop Kagaz understands the importance of distribution and logistics in ensuring that merchandise is available on shop floors and has streamlined its supply chain accordingly. It has developed process manuals for each part of the logistics chain. These modules include vendor management, purchase order management, stock receiving systems, purchase verification and inventory build up, generation and fixing of price and store tags, dispatch of stocks to the retail floor and forwarding of bills for payment


ASSOCIATION WITH NGOs Kagaz works closely with NGOs such as Breakthrough, Jagori by providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and production coordination. Kagaz provides full-fledged training to these NGOs in the art of paper piecing to create exquisite and unique products


PRODUCT Kagaz products are all made from waterproof paper thereby minimizing environmental damage. All the products are craft based, contemporary, artistic and use high-quality fabric. The vision is to maximize the hand made elements in all our products using pieces of paper. The tagline of the brand – the art of pieces hopes to fully communicate the brand's value, enhance its image and develop a positive connect with its target customers


PRICE Our pricing strategy seeks to achieve the main aim of enticing the upper middle class consumers towards the luxurious, stylish world of ' Kagaz ' . The pricing of the products has been made keeping in mind the identity of the brand – exclusiveness, eliteness , aspirational and trendy If the production cost is Rs. 100, we will price it at Rs . 300 (200% more) out of which Rs . 50 will go to the NGOs who are associated with us and rest of it will be used for various business purposes


PLACE Kagaz has associated itself with Shoppers Stop , India's exclusive shopping destination and has been allotted selling space across all its independent outlets and in its stores in malls across India, thus creating a national presence It plans to increase coverage in order to make sure that the products are available at the largest number of places possible and plans to expand its reach offshore as well, in the future


PROMOTION To promote the brand, ' Kagaz ' , we have chosen the superstar of India and Bollywood's lead actor, Aamir Khan who fits perfectly with our brand image Our advertising strategy is based on creating a bond with our potential customers and enhancing their trust in Kagaz through banners, magazine ads and innovative events involving our brand ambassador which will be covered in print and electronic media We extensively use promotions to further our relationship with our customers We have planned our annual promotions calendar and will be carrying out promotions simultaneously across all our stores We shall hold sales during major festivals wherein we shall offer a range of discounts on our select merchandise

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