why use electronic portfolios?

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Why Use Electronic Portfolios?:

Why Use Electronic Portfolios?

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Benefits for Students Benefits for Teachers Storage and Access Benefits Other Benefits Bibliography

Benefits for Students:

Benefits for Students Electronic portfolios: increase student engagement improve technology skills build 21 st Century skills Can be used for planning, reflecting and showcasing learning Back to Table of Contents

Benefits for Teachers:

Benefits for Teachers Electronic Portfolios can be used: to assess authentic learning for giving feedback to measure achievement of learning standards as a way to share information with others Back to Table of Contents

Storage and Access Benefits:

Storage and Access Benefits Can store information on CD, flashdrive or hard drive Can store and access sound, music, video and graphics Can organize and store projects and presentations in one place Can share information in a group e-portfolio Back to Table of Contents

Other Benefits:

Other Benefits Content can be modified for different purposes Can use hyperlinks Information can be easily duplicated Back to Table of Contents


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