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AAA Lead Consultants & Inspections specializes in lead paint removal, lead consulting, inspections and assessment. We also test for lead in paint, water, and soil and deliver same-day test results.


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Lead Consultants and Lead Consulting Company:

Lead Consultants and Lead Consulting Company http://aaalead.com/

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As the general public grows increasingly more aware of environmental safety, lead consulting becomes more commonplace, and AAA Lead Consultants offers the best in lead consulting services. 

What is lead :

What is lead  Lead is a natural mineral that has been used in many products for thousands of years. It has been known to be harmful to the human body for the past two thousand years.

why is it such a hazard?:

why is it such a hazard? There is no known safe level of lead in the body. Buildup of lead in the body is referred to as lead poisoning. Small amounts of lead build up can cause lifelong learning and behavior problems, making it hard for children to learn, pay attention, and succeed in school. Lead may also cause irreversible damage to the nervous system, kidneys, heart and reproductive organs. Very high exposure can lead to seizures or death.

Our Strategy:

Our Strategy Lead Poisoning is the most common environmental illness in California children, but it is preventable ! That’s why AAA Lead Consultants is committed to protecting you and your family from harmful traces of lead.  Our strategy consultants will measure the amount of lead concentration present in your paint coatings, and determine the best course of action-removal and / or stabilization of the lead-based paint.


Specialization For all of your lead consulting and lead consultant services, look no further than AAA Lead Consultants, California’s number one lead paint consulting company.  We specialize in Lead Paint Consulting Services, Lead Poisoning Prevention, Environmental Lead Testing, Lead-based Paint Strategy Consultant Services and More

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Contact Us 1307 West Sixth Street #134, Corona , CA 92882

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Thank You For more details visit http://aaalead.com/lead-consulting-san-diego-california/

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