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Salmon Rulers Of the Sea

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The most popular of salmon is the Atlantic salmon. I am going to start with it. These are it’s dimensions. Length: about 2 1/2 feet (about 70 centimeters too!) Weight: About 10 pounds (about 4.5 kilograms.

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Cherry Salmon The cherry Salmon Is a fish that is mostly served in Places near The sea. The following Are it’s Dimensions. Length:16-28 inches (40-70 Centimeters) Weight:5-23 pounds (2.3-10 kilograms)

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Pink Salmon Pink Salmon is mostly found in Areas close to Africa. The Following are the dimensions. Length: 2 feet (60 CM) Weight: 6 Pounds (2.7 kilograms)

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Salmon Let’s Catch them! Please stop! It’s killing off The salmon! Do you have A Heart?!

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Salmon Missing? Sadly Salmon is one of the fish that are being Overfished. There only 8 types left in the World Compared to the 12 salmon From 400 years ago. Please do Not overfish or these Amazing creatures May dissapear From earth Forever.

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