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By Miss Robyn Smith

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Across the River Mersey, in Liverpool, Lived a boy named Jonathan Winston Lennon. John had a passion for art and music, his favourite singers were Little Richard, Elvis and Buddy Holly. Click on these faces to listen to the music they produced and what John used to listen to.

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John was born at 6:30 p.m. on October the 9 th, 1940. When John was born his father, Freddie Lennon, was away at sea on the memorable day. John’s mother Julia Lennon could not cope with John so he was given to his Aunt Mimi ( Mary Elizabeth Smith). Mimi was John’s mothers oldest sister. Whilst John lived with Mimi, Julia went to live in Spital and did not come back to see him till he was round about 16. Mimi treated John like her own child as you can see on this picture he has got a bike off her.

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It may not be obvious but he is sitting on his bike and if you look in red pen I have put a circle round the handle bars. sitting on his bike and if you look in red pen I have put a circle round

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This is the King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donegon. Later on when John got older skiffle introduced itself into the pop industry. Lonnie Donegon is just an example of skiffle I have no proof but John most probably listened to him.

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When John was 16 his mother came back to visit. After this she started coming more regularly. But when John got older and started growing emotionally attached to her something dreadful happened. John’s mother got run over. John found out a soon as he got home from his art college.

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John’s mum died when he was 18. It was a dreadful shock. When he was 16 he started a group called The Quarry Men. They played in fairs and clubs. In one of there performances at St Peters Church Hall, Paul McCartney got introduced to John by a friend Paul auditioned and he got in the band. The quarry men With Paul and George That’ll be the day

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Paul was born on the 18 th of June, 1942. He had a brother called Michael and his parents had the both of them in them late in there life. Pauls mother died when Paul was young. Paul and John Became great friends and through Paul came George.

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George Harrison was born on 25 th of February 1943. He had 3 older siblings 2 brothers and 1 sister. The brothers where Harry and Peter and his sister was Louise. George met Paul at the age of 14 on a bus. This time John was not sure of putting him in but in the end he agreed. But he still was a little bit reluctant. I will let you into a secret......

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Every time George knocked to go to the cinema John said that he was busy so he did not have to go. Just because he was 2 years younger than him and that he looked younger than him. And to him he thought Paul looked about 10 with his baby face and that George was just the cherry on top. Georges house when he was younger.

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Hamburg 1960

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The Beatles where finally in Hamburg. But this was only to last a year. As George Harrison got found out to be underage and working in night clubs. The Beatles also in Hamburg they got there signature cut. Which has been copied by celebrities ever since. For example...

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The Beatles where finally in Hamburg. But this was only to last a year. As George Harrison got found out to be underage and working in night clubs. The Beatles also in Hamburg they got there signature cut. Which has been copied by celebrities ever since. For example... Justin Bieber

Brian Epstein :

Brian Epstein When the Beatles returned to Liverpool they started at the Cavern Club were they began to get a following. As they grew more popular Brian Epstein, who owned a famous store, came to see them. Impressed by their talent he asked if he could manage them. The Beatles agreed and Mr Epstein set about styling and marketing them. CLICK ME

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Ringo was born in 1940 as Richard Parkin Starkey and was the oldest Beatle. Ringo was already in a group named Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. The Beatles thought Ringo was a better drummer than Pete Best, so they asked Mr Epstien to fire Pete. Ringo joined the group and the line up was complete.

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Pete Best and Stewart Sucliffe , they are ex-Beatles. Stewart Sucliffe died at a young age because of a Brain Tumour.

Love me do:

Love me do While the Beatles continued to play in bars and clubs, Brian Epstien was working hard to get them a record deal. In September 1962 the Beatles record “Love me do” for producer George Martin which reached number 17 in the music charts. The Beatles popularity spread all over the country and was nicknamed Beatlemania due to all the screaming girls. Hot on the heels of Love me do came Please Please me which became the Beatles 1 st number 1.


BEATLEMANIA!!! Through out 1962-63 the Beatles continued to dominate the charts. However in 1964 they scored their first number one in America with I want to hold your hand. Beatlemania had gone global!

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In America they where extremely popular. The Beatles now had got them selves a spot on the Ed Sulivan Show, where they showed America they where the Biggest Pop Group in the world. Interview with the beatles

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When the got back to England the started making a movie called a hard days night. It was released in 1964 and was a great movie. It had lots of classic comedy which is still admired now. This classic film was directed by Richard Lester. A famous director who directed lots of other popular movies too.

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In the height of Beatlemania the Beatles where awarded with a merit off the queen of England. But this wasn't the first time they had met the queen they met her on the royal variety in 1963.

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Now the televisions were in colour the Beatles decided to make another movie but totally different to the last movie they created. This time called Help, this movie had to reach to standards. The standards of A Hard Days Night. And it did. Help starred actress Eleanor Bron and was directed by Richard Lester whom directed the last movie.

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Flower Power also known as the Hippy Era influenced a lot of the Beatles career. The Beards, the yellow submarine movie and one of the biggest albums of all time Sgt Peppers. Which is worshiped even today!

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John married Yoko Ono on the 20 th of March 1969. They had 1 child Sean Lennon who is know a singer like his father. Some People reckon that Ono influenced the Break Up of the Beatles. Lennon and Ono where peace campaigners when the where together. For their there honeymoon they did the Bed in for Peace and sung songs about Peace too. The Beatles also had a song out called the balled of John ands Yoko for them.

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After Yoko and John got married lots of little arguments where popping up between the Beatles in rehearsals. Which was odd as they where all great friends.

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Their last performance was the rooftop performance on top of the apple building. Singing songs such as Get Back and lots others. But although we did not want it to happen it had to happen some day January 1969.

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The Beatles Now

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Ringo Starr

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George Harrison Sadly George is not with us now more as he died in 2001.

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John Lennon John Lennon sadly died in 1980 but this is one of his last photos.

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Sir Paul McCartney

Thank you for listening to my presentation.:

Thank you for listening to my presentation. Thank you for listening to my Presentation. I hope you found it interesting.

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