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Critical Thinking:

Critical Thinking 9 minutes

Components of Critical Thinking:

Components of Critical Thinking Knowledge base Skills Intellectual Technical Interpersonal Characteristics Attitudes Behaviors

Different Kinds of Nursing Knowledge:

Different Kinds of Nursing Knowledge Theoretical Practical Personal Ethical

Key Intellectual Traits:

Key Intellectual Traits Intellectual humility Intellectual integrity Intellectual courage Intellectual empathy Fluency Flexibility Elaboration

Slide 5:

Critical thinking requires you to “personalize” information, to analyze it and draw conclusions about what it means to you, rather than simply memorizing words.

Critical Thinking Description:

Critical Thinking Description Knowing how to learn, reason, think creatively, generate and evaluate ideas, see things in the mind’s eye, make decisions, and solve problems Reasonable, reflective thinking that focuses on what to believe or do The art of thinking about your thinking, while you’re thinking, to make it better, more clear, accurate, and defensible.

Critical Thinking Description:

Critical Thinking Description The ability to solve problems by making sense of information using creative, intuitive, logical, and analytical mental process, and the process is continual Purposeful, informed, outcome-focused thinking that requires careful identification of key problems, issues, and risks involved

Critical Thinking Requires:

Critical Thinking Requires Good problem-solving and clinical judgment A sincere desire to improve Search f or the best way Out come focused

What is Critical Thinking?:

What is Critical Thinking? Criticizing someone in your mind. Thinking about a serious situation. Using the nursing process to provide safe and effective care to your patients. A way of thinking that utilizes the principles of analysis, applying standards, predicting, logical reasoning, and transferring knowledge to arrive at a positive outcome.

PPMP model:

PPMP model from a diagnose and treat to a predict, prevent, manage, and promote (PPMP) model.

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