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Millennium Endeavour ProjectDelivering Pre-eminence in Australian Higher Education : 

Millennium Endeavour ProjectDelivering Pre-eminence in Australian Higher Education Crossroads Commentary Darron Passlow September 2002

Basic Assumptions … : 

1/9/2009 Basic Assumptions … Government Funding will not meet future demand Demand for HE will outstrip available funding Funding for HE must deliver a definable RoI Return on Investment must be a prime consideration Australia must excel in the Knowledge Economy H.E. will drive Australian participation locally & globally An Australian solution is required for Australia Competitive advantage/Benefit to all Australians A significant change is required Doing things the old way will not suffice

Basis of commentary … : 

1/9/2009 Basis of commentary … Strong Commercial focus A non academic view of next generation higher education A Significant Paradigm Shift Revolution not evolution is required Australian solution for Australia Australian qualities, Australian ingenuity to deliver global solutions from Australia for the benefit of Australians A definitive, non exclusive, flexible solution Other ideas and approaches can be accommodated

Defining an “Ideal”University … : 

1/9/2009 Defining an “Ideal”University … Define one possibility (an ideal situation) Remove boundaries to our thoughts Commercial reality Deliver Return on Investment (RoI) Australian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Delivering world class quality and commitment Coordinated non-competing effort More cooperation/less competition Commercial decisions across all activities

Measuring the “Ideal”University … : 

1/9/2009 Measuring the “Ideal”University … Dedication and Commitment The drivers from within Higher Education policy Appropriate regulation/more flexibility from outside Learning Experience and outcomes Passion for excellence World class quality and delivery Access on an equitable basis Available to all Australians Commercial success supporting compassion

Measuring the “Ideal”University … : 

1/9/2009 Measuring the “Ideal”University … Institutional Specialization Focus on strengths/alleviate weaknesses Non compete by Australians World class expertise (Now/sustainable) Australian issues and topics Community/Regional Engagement Focus on appropriate community issues Cost effective delivery Funding opportunities outside education Sport as the engagement “catalyst”

Measuring the “Ideal”University … : 

1/9/2009 Measuring the “Ideal”University … Efficiency & Effectiveness Distributed small/focused project based model BIG is NOT necessarily beautiful (But BIG fits model) Remove “old” antiquated “British” influence/structure New innovative/entrepreneurial model required Governance & Management Turn conventional model on its head! Commercially driven management Academia supported by commercial management (see attached diagrams)

The Ideal UniversityA management model : 

1/9/2009 The Ideal UniversityA management model

The Ideal UniversityA funding model : 

1/9/2009 The Ideal UniversityA funding model

The Ideal UniversityCommercial reality : 

1/9/2009 The Ideal UniversityCommercial reality

Other Measures – “Ideal”University : 

1/9/2009 Other Measures – “Ideal”University Governance and Ethics Combine academic and commercial models Quality Accreditation Self assessment an option/customer arbitration Workplace relations Professional approach/commercial basis Revenue Diversification Government/industry/community funded Move to commercially funded bias - public/private mix Eliminate Bureaucratic “red tape”

Millennium Endeavour Project : 

Millennium Endeavour Project Driving the Higher Education revolution as an Australian initiative with the enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of the Sydney 2000 Olympics project to ensure ultimate global success and enduring “real” benefits for Australians

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