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Presented by: Ioanna Ainsworth & Sokolina Mirkova

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Introduction ClickandBuy is an electronic or online wallet. Players can choose from several payment methods to fund their ClickandBuy account and transfer funds to the online merchants where ClickandBuy is accepted. The Internet payment system ClickandBuy was launched in Germany in the summer of 2000. After a successful start ClickandBuy saw numerous launches in other markets this wallet is now available all over Europe, in the US and Asia.

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Points To Remember ClickandBuy is an available deposit option for customers from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France,Greece , Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,Switzerland and UK. To make a deposit on our site, the player needs to register at the ClickandBuy website first. The email submitted thereon becomes their username at ClickandBuy. Payment methods differ from country to country. The following may be available for player’s country: Online banking – free of charge. Visa/Visa Electron/Master Card/American Express/Diners Club and JCB. -3.9% fee . Telephone Bill Payment - free of charge. Payzone vouchers – free of charge

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Points To Remember Minimum deposit – $25 for most countries and 10 EUR for France and Italy Maximum 1 st Deposit - $125, Restricted Category $1500 ClickandBuy deposits are instant and are free of charge on our end . ClickandBuy charges a monthly maintenance fee of €1.00. Billing descriptor for ClickandBuy is ' FirstGate '. Last status of deposit at our reports is ‘ dep_authzd ’. Deposits made through ClickandBuy appear as CLICKNBUY in the reports

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Deposit Process The player enters the Cashier Deposit section and clicks on the ClickandBuy deposit option

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Player needs to choose currency, enter a deposit amount and Submit. Supported currencies include: DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD.

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There is no fee charged for deposits via ClickandBuy on our end. Player can check our current Exchange Rates via the “Exchange Rate” link located on the deposit page.

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Upon clicking on Submit the player will be redirected to the ClickandBuy website

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If the player has Clickandbuy account already, he needs to log in his account with his username or e-mail and his password. If he doesn’t, he needs to register one.

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Then the following page is displayed and he just needs to confirm the transaction by clicking on “Confirm payment”

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If the funds available in the account are less than the payment amount, player will be asked to select a payment method for the outstanding difference.

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If you decide to fund your ClickandBuy account with a card you will need to fill in the following information. You can make this card your preferred payment source by selecting the respective option

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Before an amount is charged from player’s ClickandBuy account or other funding source he/she will be required to authorize the transaction.

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In the case of funding the account with Bank Transfer the player needs to copy the payee details and initiate the transaction from his end. Funding a ClickandBuy account via Bank Transfer may take up to 5 business days.

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In the end the player is transferred back to PartyCashier . If the transaction has been processed successfully the following page will be displayed.

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In case there is a problem with the processing ‘Transaction Declined’ page will appear. You can check a list with failed deposit response codes by opening the PSP_Codes.xls document based in our main Push Chat folder.

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To Open An Account: Customers can create Clickandbuy account either by going to the home page of the website and clicking on *Register* button or from the Cashier by clicking on “Set up a Clickand Buy account”.

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Player needs to enter his e-mail address and biographic details, also his mobile number. By clicking on the *Why* links customers get explanations. The e-mail will be cutomer’s login name.

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On the same page, customers also should enter a password and select a security question and answer. Then they should enter a text meant to prevent automated registrations, agree to the T&C and click on Continue.

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Customers receive a welcome e-mail.

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Then players are redirected to register a payment method in their Click and Buy account: a credit card/debit card or Bank Transfer

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If players choose to load their account with credit card,they need to enter their card type, card number, expiration date and card security code (CVV/CVC). Then they need to click on *Continue*.

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Once they have chosen a payment method, they will see a confirmation that their account is created.

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If players choose bank transfer for loading their ClickandBuy account, they will receive a page with ClickandBuy’s bank account details. They should copy them and initiate the bank transfer manually.

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Customers can only register their credit or debit card at first, without making a deposit in their ClickandBuy account. In order to load their ClickandBuy account, they should follow these steps: 1. Log in their Click and buy account.

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2.Click on *Pre-fund-Account*section, choose a deposit option and click on *Continue*

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3.If customers choose bank transfer, they will receive the page with ClickandBuy’s bank account details. If they choose the card, they get a page where they need to enter the amount which they want to load from the card they have registered already and the card verification number(CVV/CVC).

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Customers can register a new card by going to *Settings*section and click on *Payment methods* Register Another Card

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Then they need to click on the *Add credit card* link

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They need to enter the details of the new card and their home address (which comes pre-filled) and click on *Continue*

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There is a “Fee Table” published on ClickandBuy’s site, where you can check all the current fees ClickandBuy charges for it’s services.

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ClickandBuy Email Verification If customers want to confirm their e-mail they can do that by clicking on *Confirm e-mail* link in the message box in the Home page in their account.

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ClickandBuy Email Verification There are two options for confirming e-mail address: click on the link in the e-mail or enter the code on the e-mail configuration page of the Click and Buy website:

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ClickandBuy account verification and spending limits Your ClickandBuy account can have the following statuses: Not verified or Verified Not verified After registering with ClickandBuy every user has the status not verified. This status allows you to make purchases within a spending limit established by ClickandBuy and to make deposits or receive disbursements. The ClickandBuy secure server calculates your limit on the basis of the payment method used and the status of your ClickandBuy account described here. Verified You must have the status of Verified in order to increase your spending limit. You automatically receive this status from ClickandBuy as soon as you have confirmed at least one payment method.

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Credit Card Confirmation To confirm a payment method players need to login to their Click and Buy Account, select Settings and click on the menu item Payment methods from the left-hand navigation bar. An overview of their payment methods registered with ClickandBuy should be displayed. Next they need to click on the Confirm link next to the credit card they want to have confirmed. To start the process they need to click on the button "Charge me confirmation amounts" . ClickandBuy will charge their credit card with two random amounts between 1.00 EUR and 1.99 EUR. In the next step they will have to confirm the two charges by ClickandBuy which should appear on their credit card statements .Charge transaction may take up to 3 business days.

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Bank Account Confirmation Confirmation process with confirmation code This is done manually by the customer in their ClickandBuy account. ClickandBuy immediately transfers the amount of 0.01 EUR to customer’s bank account. After this test payment has been made (after around 3-5 days), they receive a four-digit ClickandBuy confirmation code, which should be displayed in the payment information area of their bank account statement. The confirmation process is thus completed and their bank account will be considered confirmed. Confirmation process without a confirmation code Customers can also confirm information with ClickandBuy in writing without entering the confirmation code. ClickandBuy requires a copy of both sides of your ID card and the confirmation form. Completed form and the copy of ID card is to be sent via fax to: +49 (0)221 - 260 11 89.

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Common Reasons For Declined Deposits Insufficient Funds Incorrect Login Details

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