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A global market requires global standards education: : 

A global market requires global standards education: A strategy to prepare the workforce of tomorrow

Context of PresentationMy thoughts as I developed the presentation : 

Context of PresentationMy thoughts as I developed the presentation Many organizations invested in the educations of standards ANSI SES IFAN ICES Some with strategic plans, some not Some organizations have a clear vision of their role and their strategic direction Others do not have clear strategic plan, just moving ahead How do organizations know what their strategic destination should be? What external and internal consideration go into developing their strategic goal Is the difficulty in developing a strategic goal preventing an organization from developing a strategic plan Maybe there are some common goals we could all be working toward We are different organizations with different drivers, but are their commonalities that we can find

Goals of the presentation : 

Goals of the presentation Open dialogue on strategies Over the past two days we have heard the practices of many organizations and regions..how do we capitalize and move forward together A starting point I am presenting one of many methodologies of strategy development, my goal for this to be used as a springboard to further discussions

Strategy : 

Strategy Where you want to go tomorrow Where are you today Things you will and will not do to get there Today Tomorrow Strategy Fundamental definition of strategy

Slide 5: 

ANSI SES ASTM SA Europe ASIA Standards Education Strategic Destination Current State Notice everyone following own path, with strategic goal being the culmination of everyone’s goals

Slide 6: 

ANSI SES ASTM SA Europe ASIA Standards Education Strategic Destination Future State Notice a smaller strategic destination because of common goal setting

Defining strategic destination : 

Market Needs What work force needs to know about standards Defining strategic destination The strategic destination is made up in part by the needs/wants of the market and what the workforce must know relative to standards in order to satisfy those needs

Market Drivers : 

Market Drivers Consumers Safety Performance Interoperability Companies Shareholder Value Increased Revenue Decreased Cost Governments Public Safety Fair Trade Economic Growth We will take a closer look at the corporate drivers and how they impact the needs of standards education

Slide 9: 

Corporate Objectives To help define the corporate goals we look at a real corporate strategy Financial Objectives are what are the critical few financial goals that will define success for the organization

Slide 10: 

Corporate Objectives The customer perspective defines the organizations value proposition for the targeted customer

Slide 11: 

Corporate Objectives Describes the critical internal process that an organization must excel at in order to satisfy the value proposition to the customer

Slide 12: 

Corporate Objectives The learning and growth perspective describe the critical resources (skills and technical infrastructure) that an organization must have in order to excel at the internal processes, in order to satisfy the value proposition, in order to accomplish their financial objectives

Corporate Strategy Map : 

Corporate Strategy Map

What does the workforce needs to learn about standards? : 

What does the workforce needs to learn about standards?

Slide 15: 

Learning Objective If you take the same methodology as the corporate strategy and apply it to a standards education strategy the top level objective is for the learner to apply the value of standardization to their organization

Slide 16: 

The coursework will further the learner’s career Satisfied with relevance and quality of material Learner Ease of access to education If the learner is considered the customer, these are examples of what is needed from the learner’s perspective

How do we teach the workforce? : 

How do we teach the workforce?

Slide 18: 

In order for our global workforce to be able to apply the strategic value of standardization to their organization, these are examples of the critical process in which we must excel

Slide 19: 

Resources Information Technology / Tools Professors who understand the value/importance of standards Technical experts wiling to lecture Case study development Standardization education modules available for use by professors Teaching Resources Funding In order to excel at the previous processes, we must have the below resources in place

Standards Education Map : 

Standards Education Map Learning Objective

Next Steps : 

Next Steps

Slide 22: 

Learning Objective Stakeholders Learning Process Teaching Resources Improve Product Development/Design Relevance of content Integration into engineering curriculum Knowledgeable professors Integration into business curriculum Funding This is a slice of the strategy map and examples of what the balanced scorecard would look like to support the strategy map

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Move standards education forward collaboratively, through: Strategy - Organizations with clear direction of things they will do and not do Destination - Can’t tell if you are making progress unless you know where you are headed The specific examples I used are just that, examples. The point is for a group of like-minded organizations to become signatories to a global strategy and go through the process to determine what are the appropriate objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives

Contact Info : 

Contact Info Steve Ezar Managing Partner Standards Management International. LLC 412-337-7264 sezar@standardsmgmt.com www.standardsmgmt.com

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