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Understanding Main Ideas:

Understanding Main Ideas Finding the author’s ideass

What is a Main Idea?:

What is a Main Idea? The main idea of a paragraph is the statement of the author’s idea about the topic A main idea statement is always a complete sentence that has a top and the ideas the author wants to express

What is a Main Idea?:

What is a Main Idea? Topic: Cats Possible main idea statements about cats: Cats are usually very clean animals. Cats have very expressive faces. Cats are very adaptable animals. Write three more main idea statements about cats. Compare your answers with your partner The choice of a main idea depends greatly on what the author wants to say about the topic

Finding the Main Idea:

Finding the Main Idea The topic sentence often includes both the topic and the main idea, but not always Sometimes the main idea is expressed in another sentence or in several sentences

The Importance of Knowing a Topic:

The Importance of Knowing a Topic Example A: Read the following paragraph. Identify the topic sentence and write down the topic. Topic: _________________________________ When the summer brings very hot weather, many people suffer more than they need to. There are a number of ways to make life more comfortable in the heat. For example, you can try to keep your home as cool as possible. It is best to close all the windows and curtains during the hottest part of the day. Then, when it is cooler in the evening, you can open them up again. Also, it is important to keep yourself cool by wearing loose, light clothes. Cotton is the best material for clothes in hot weather. And finally, you should try to stay calm and relaxed. You could even try a nap after lunch, like many people do who live in hot climates. This way you are more rested and ready to enjoy the cool evening hours. ways to be comfortable in the heat.

The Importance of Knowing a Topic:

The Importance of Knowing a Topic Example B: Read the following paragraph. Identify the topic sentence and write down the topic. Topic: _________________________________ In the 1950s, people thought television had a positive effect on family life. It brought the whole family together in one room. It also put an end to the usual family arguments, since everyone stayed quiet and watched TV. These days, however, psychologists think that watching TV may not be so good for family life. They believe that it may be better for the family to have arguments sometimes, instead of being quiet all the time in front of the TV set. When the TV is on, in fact, there is usually little or no communication that happens is one way: from the TV program to each individual. televison‘s effect on family life

Recognizing the Main Idea:

Recognizing the Main Idea Topic: _________________________________________ Choose the best main idea statement In many of the industrialized countries, the population is aging. That is, the average age of the population is older than it was twenty years ago. This fact has encouraged many businesses to develop products and services for older customers. In the medical industry, for example, new medicines and technologies are being developed especially for the health problems of older people. The tourist industry also offers services for the elderly, including special transportation and health services, and trips organized for groups of older people. And finally, there are many different kinds of products designed for the needs of the elderly. These include everything from shoes to shampoos to magazines and furniture. The medical industry is developing new medicines and technology for the health problems of the elderly. In the industrialized countries, the average age of the population is older than it was 20 years ago. Because of the aging population, many businesses have developed products and services for older customers. the development of products and services for the elderly

Recognizing the Topic of a Paragraph:

Recognizing the Topic of a Paragraph What is this paragraph about? Choose the best topic One of the most famous houses in the United States is Monticello. It was the home of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. Located on a hill near Charlottesville, Virginia, it has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. The house is famous, first of all, because it belonged to a president. It is also a fine example of early nineteenth-century American architecture. Jefferson designed it himself in a style he had admired in Italy. Many American buildings of that time, in fact, imitated European styles. But while most were just imitations, his Monticello is lovely in itself. Furthermore, the design combines a graceful style with typical American concern for comfort and function. The view from Monticello American architecture Reasons for Monticello’s fame

Stating the Topic of a Paragraph:

Stating the Topic of a Paragraph What is the following paragraph about? Read the paragraph and come up with a suitable topic. The topic should not be too specific or too general Some good possibilities: How family patterns have changed and Recent changes in family patterns. How fathers care for their children is too specific and Families is too general In most industrialized countries, family patterns have changed in recent rears. Families used to be large, and most mothers stayed home to take care of the children. They were usually responsible for all the housework, too. Fathers did not often see the children, except to play with them on weekends. Now that families are much smaller and many women are working, this has changed somewhat. Fathers often help with the housework. More importantly, they can be much more involved in the lives of their children.

Topic Sentences:

Topic Sentences In most paragraphs, the author includes the topic in the topic sentence This sentence often comes first, but also sometimes can be found in the middle Finding the topic sentence is important for comprehension It tells you about the whole paragraph (the reason why we Preview by reading the first sentence of each paragraph)

Topic Sentences:

Topic Sentences What is this paragraph about? Topic: _____________ Topic sentence: _____________________ Andres Segovia was the first classical guitarist to become known worldwide. Born in Segovia in 1893, he changed the way people think about the guitar. Before the 20 th century, the guitar was not taken very seriously as a classical instrument. Most people thought the guitar was only suitable for popular music or folk music. Few classical composers wrote music for the guitar, and it was never included in classical concerts. But Segovia changed all of this. He believed in the guitar as a classical instrument, and he was a great musician. He used his genius to prove that the guitar could produce beautiful classical music. Andres Segovia Andres Segovia was the first …



Speaking of Gender:

Speaking of Gender On p. 79 of your book discuss questions 1-3 with a partner Turn to p. 82 First preview the text to find out what kind of text it is Skim through, stopping at each boldfaced word If you don’t know what the word means, guess at the meaning using the context

Speaking of Gender:

Speaking of Gender On p. 83, complete Read for Main I deas Try not to look at the story again Number the reasons in the order they appear in the story Paragraph 1 introduces the author’s ideas What are the topics and topic sentences for paragraphs 2-5? Read for Details Complete the outline with details from the reading Scan the text for the key words and then find the answer you need

Speaking of Gender:

Speaking of Gender Turn to page 86 of your book Read the text Discuss the questions on p. 87 with your partner Which perspective are you more likely to support, the scientist’s or the tourist’s?

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