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Superior college has achieved in Sargodha in an amazingly short time what others have long been wishing to get. This amazing success and approval by students and parents alike is a fruit of an up to date infrastructure as well as a committed approach to impart quality education SUPERIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE SARGODHA

Presented to: Sir Salman Sabir:

Presented to : Sir Salman Sabir Presented by : S.Tehmina.N. 100402 Abida Rehan 100403 Muneeba Naz 100415 Kiran Rubab 100430 Uzma Hamid 100431

Textile Mill:

Textile Mill “A factory for making textiles” “A corporation which involves in the manufacturing of yarn and fiber and other textiles”.

Introduction (In Pakistan, view of Textile Industry.):

Introduction (In Pakistan, view of Textile Industry.) “ The textile industry is one of the most important sectors of Pakistan. It contributes significantly to the country’s 8.5% GDP, exports as well employment. It is, in fact, the backbone of the Pakistani economy”.

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INTRODUCTION True alues True Values private limited started commencing its operation in the year 2010..  True Values strictly address it self to the strict quality measures which it commit to its customers.  True Values  has expanded and enjoys market share in a very short span of time, speaking of its commitment .


OUR VALUES Our values are to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers by minimizing the cost without compromising on quality.

Mission :

Mission To be a model among the textile spinning, capable of producing high quality blended yarn for knitting and weaving.

True Mission:

True Mission Provide the highest quality products and consistent with customer needs and continue to earn the respect, confidence and goodwill of our customers and suppliers. Protecting the environment and contributing towards the economic strength of the country and function as a good corporate Enhancing the profitability by improved efficiency and cost controls.


CORE OBJECTIVES To be the 1 st choice of customer. Best quality production. Minimization of cost. Maximization of satisfaction. Easily available products.

Office working hours:

Office working hours 8.30 A.M TO 1 PM 1 PM TO 2.30 Lunch Break 2.30 PM TO 5 PM HOLIDAY: SUNDAY LABOUR TIMING 7 AM TO 12 PM 12 PM TO 12.30 PM Lunch Break 12.30 PM TO 4 PM

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TRUE ALUES TEXTILE MILL ADDRESS : silanwali road ,sargodha PHONE NO: 0483-72090 0300-8614861

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Management :

Management Management of the group is professionally qualified and broadly experienced. The directors have held top positions in various textile bodies, export committees


Planning The company has an integrated business plan in the context of which it aims to improve, modernize and develop all its operations in order to maintain and enhance its competitive position on both the Pakistan and international markets.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Strengths: characteristics of the business or team that give it an advantage over others in the industry. Weaknesses : are characteristics that place the firm at a disadvantage relative to others. Opportunities : external chances to make greater sales or profits in the environment. Threats : external elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business.


Strengths : · Strong Security System · High quality product · Latest mechanized machinery. · Highly qualified and skilled management · Adequate financial resources


Weaknesses : High cost of production. Small international market share. Less promotional activities. Lack of benefits and rewards for the employees.


Organization can expand product lines. Organization can capture new market segments around the world. Organization can reduce the cost by proper utilization of resources. Organization can hire more well-educated and experienced person. OPPORTUNITY


New Entry of competitors. Buyer needs demands changes. Political instability. Changed of government policies. Threats:


Organizing It is the process of arranging the organizational structure to accomplish organizational goal.

Forms of organizational design:

Forms of organizational design 1: Work Specialization. 2: Departmentalization. 3: Chain of Command. 4: Span of Control. 5: Centralization & Decentralization 6: Formalization.

Organizational Structure:

Organizational Structure “The formal arrangement of jobs within an organization.”

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CEO Mang.Dir. Qual.Cont. Dept. Marketing Dept. GM Sales GM Purchase. GM Marketing Finance Dept. Research & Develop..deptt . GM Pro- cessing

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Processing Deptt. Ginning Dept. Spinning Dept .Weaving Dept. Bleaching Dept. Printing Dept. Dyeing Dept. Finishing Dept. Stitching Dept.


GINNING DEPARTMENT The first mechanical process involved in the processing of cotton is ginning where lint (fiber) is separated from seed cotton (phutti).

Spinning Department:

Spinning Department Spinning is an ancient textile art  in which synthetic fibers are twisted together to form yarn.

Weaving Department:

Weaving Department Weaving is a textile art in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced to form a fabric or cloth.

Bleaching Department:

Bleaching Department . Back bone of the processing unit. improves whiteness by removing : natural coloration remaining trace impurities from the cotton

Dying Department:

Dying Department Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics.

Printing Department:

Printing Department The Printing department of TVML is working at its best & producing really good stuff. After the printing from the rotaries, the route of the fabric depends on the dye class

Finishing Department:

Finishing Department significant and important department Hub in the Processing Every fabric has to be passed through this department.

Knitting Department :

Knitting Department After weaving, the most prevalent method of fabric construction is knitting. Its popularity has grown tremendously over the recent years .

Household Textiles:

Household Textiles These units, equipped with high speed stitching machines and an intensive labor force, are capable of making all of the different product size and style requirements of each individual country.

Purchase department:

Purchase department Decisions to purchase New Asset Raw Material Reduction in cost High Quality Inputs

Sales Department:

Sales Department commitment and dedication of employee determination of work best management system.

Quality Control:

Quality Control computerized testing strength of yarn density of cloth fastness of colors. Fully equipped labs pre-inspection of goods at different stages


FINANCE DEPARTMENT preparation of: the Income statements Balance sheet Trail balance Cash flows Production report etc. Helpful for the management: production plan financing decisions et c.

Research and Devp. Dept.:

Research and Devp . Dept. inventions of new methods of production designs of textiles continuous improvement in existing textiles


MARKETING DEPARTMENT marketing of the products export business quality products better services efficient after sales services


Leading The process of influencing a group is called leading.

Leading Theories:

Leading Theories Trait Theories. Behavioral Theories. Contingency Theories. Contemporarily Theories.

Path-Goal Theory with Democratic Style:

Path - Goal Theory with Democratic Style “ A leadership theory that says that the leader’s(manager’s) job is to assist followers (employees)in attaining their goals by involving them into the decisions and provide direction or support needed to ensure that their goals are compatible with the goals of a group or organization by using the mode of feedback.”


Controlling “The process of monitoring, comparing & correcting the performance.”

Controlling Process:

Controlling Process Goal Measuring Comparing Correcting

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Products Bed Linen Curtain Fabric Yarn


Yarn “True alues” specializes in medium-to-fine-count cotton yarns and is also capable of producing yarns using a wide variety of synthetic fibers including polyester, rayon and other man-made fibers.


Fabric Running meter fabrics, packed to specific requirement

Bed Linen:

Bed Linen Quilt covers ,duvet covers, flat and fitted sheets, pillow covers, valance sheets, bolster case with all sorts of fancy confectioning, embroidery and embellishments, packed to buyers' specific requirement.


Curtains Ready made curtains lined, un-lined and taptop curtains, plain or fully accessorized with tiebacks, pelmets, cushion covers, in different styles of confectioning and embroidery, packed to buyers' specific requirement.


WOMEN RANGE “In women range, True Values is currently providing different designs of shalwar and kameez of new fashion.”

Man’s range:

Man’s range TRUE VALUES Textile Mills presents one of the astonishing collections of Men's Wear that have been given a touch of perfection by our skilled designers.


Marketing Marketing is to create value for customer & build profitable relationship with customer in order to capture value from customer.

Marketing Plan:

Marketing Plan

Customer Driven Marketing Strategy:

Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Segmentation Targeting Posioning


Segmentation The act of dividing large, heterogeneous (dissimilar) markets into smaller, homogeneous (similar) submarkets.


Targeting to reveal the firm market-segment opportunities to evaluate the various segments segment size and growth segment structural attractiveness company objectives and resources

Concentrated marketing:

Concentrated marketing A firm goes after a large share of one or a few sub-markets. Selected segments Specific products Specific markets


Differentiation How Our Products Are Different from Others- Colors durability No shrinkage 100% pure cotton Computer designed Soft and durable Attractive We guarantee that our products are made from the best QUALITY and comes with DIFFERENT COLORS and  LATEST DESIGNS.


Positioning to arrange for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable image relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers.


NEW PRODUCT “Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need physically.”

New Product Development Life Cycle:

New Product Development Life Cycle Losses/ investment Sales/profit development introduction growth maturity decline sales Profits Time


PRICE “The amount of money charged for a product or service,or the sum of the values that customer exchange for the benefits of having or using the products or services.”

Pricing Strategies:

Pricing Strategies Market Penetration pricing : “Setting a low price for a new product in order to attract a large number of buyers and a large market share.


PLACE A marketplace is a location where goods and services are exchanged

Channels of Distribution:

Channels of Distribution


PROMOTION “Short term incentives to encourage the sale or purchase of a product.”


ADVERTISING Advertising is a form of communication us to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services.

Advertising Media:

Advertising Media

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Financial Issues

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Authorized Capital : Rs. 150.00 million Issued Capital : Rs.129.00 million


Assets : two spinning units. 223 air jet looms 4 sophisticated rotary printing machines


Reference : www.google.com www.gulahmedtextile.com www.yahoo.com www.masoodtextile.com For further detail: www.true values.com

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Sign of Success

Any Question :

Any Question

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