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PDHPE Rationale


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PDHPE Rationale.

Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity:

Helps Prevent C hildhood O besity - In Australia Childhood obesity is increasing. Australia has the second highest obesity rates in the world. Getting the children out and doing sport allows them to be active for a certain period of time every day (Smith, Marshall and Williams, 2003)

Positive health practices:

Positive health practices This subject taught in schools gives children a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. It teaches them how to be healthy physically and nutritionally ( Mohnsen , 2008) Teamwork Children will be accustomed to working in teams in team sports. This is an important skill that transfers in other subjects and in later life ( Hagenbach , 2011)

Promotes the use of gross and fine motor skills.:

Promotes the use of gross and fine motor skills. Motor skill development is important at this age and without the implementation of these skills in schools then students may be unable to do basic activities when they get older (Harrison, 1995)

Allows children to have a break and to have FUN! :

Allows children to have a break and to have FUN! Making PE fun is not a hard task and it is more likely to engage the students and keep them interested Students are only able to concentrate on a given task for a certain amount of time, PE is a good break from work (Graham, 2008)

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