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Member-to-Member MarketingPurchased for you by RCA RAMB…Exclusive FREE Service! : 

Member-to-Member MarketingPurchased for you by RCA RAMB…Exclusive FREE Service! “One Click” Electronic Marketing to over 1,000 Commercial Professionals Member Profiles & Directory

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What it is Email System for RCA Members For Commercial properties only Can be used for Commercial Broker Opens What it isn’t Not for lending, appraisal, residential Listing other peoples properties Not for recruiting brokers for your firm. Not meant for events

Memberclick Rules : 

Memberclick Rules Members shall send out no more than one Member-to-Member email per day.  A maximum of FIVE (5) emails can be sent by a member within a week (7 day) period. Emails May be in the form of a summary of all inventory/properties or an individual property.  Members can send the same property twice within a 14 days or a total of twenty four (24) times in a calendar year. The Member sending the Member-to-Member email must be the primary contact on the flyer. If a Non-Member is found to be using a member email account they will be automatically billed for membership to RCA.  These rules will be distributed twice to all RCA Members through Memberclicks – any violation results in a stern reminder of current policy and a second infraction results in suspension of account for One (1) Month with reinstatement.  The third infraction results in permanent suspension.

Signing In : 

Signing In Go to Click tab at the top Marketing

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Click on Broadcast Email

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Input your unique Username and Password

Changing your profile and information in the system : 

Changing your profile and information in the system

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Click on My Profile to change your information or settings

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You can edit your profile by clicking below on the Edit this profile

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After making any changes make sure to click SAVE at the bottom

Sending and Email to other RCA members : 

Sending and Email to other RCA members

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Click on the pull down menu at the top – Directory Click View All under the Directory Tab at the top

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This serves as a full Roster or directory of Commercial Members To contact all of the Commercial Members click the Contact button To send to specific members, companies or zip codes use the Directory button to do more advanced searches

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Little Red X means that you need to download JAVA software

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Word Document means software is loaded and you are ready for next step

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Use Insert Image to imbed flyers directly into your email and avoid attachments. File MUST be an image file (JPEG or GIF) in order to imbed flyer Click Window View icon to preview document

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At the bottom half of the Contact Center You can upload and send files You can also Schedule your emails for a future time/date

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Member-to-Member Marketing Sample Html Flyer

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Paul, Last Thursday I sent out an e-mail thru the RCA site. The response was overwhelming, and by the next day I had a CONTRACT.       I want to thank the membership for there responses and RAMB for giving us the tools to be successful. Best Regards, Jason Yes, it really works….

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