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EDN113 – Assignment 2A:

EDN113 – Assignment 2A Contributors – Jenni Rachel Roslyn Belinda Debbie Our group is now known as the ‘mixed nuts’ – we are all a bit crazy! http://doodlemeister.com/2009/02/ <accessed 04/05/2011>

Explore the World from the Classroom:

Explore the World from the Classroom Task aimed at Year 7’s Society & Environment Groups of 2 or 3 students Compare a culture from another country to Australia Produce results in a digital movie with Windows Movie Maker Show all movies to class

Student Task page:

Student Task page Begins with a colourful introduction A link to the digital example for the students to view. Other instructions to the Links page.

Teacher’s Hints page:

Teacher’s Hints page Lesson plan DET website link Scope & Sequence documents. General ideas and hints for teacher

Links & Resources page:

Links & Resources page Examples of links and screen grabs to suitable websites for students to access relevant information.

Jenni’s input...:

Jenni’s input... Jenni is a busy mum of two children under 5 (3 if you count hubby). If that is not enough, she is currently building a house (not personally!) Jenni was unanimously voted as our group’s leader. She had great input, including: Keeping in touch, sending regular updates and keeping us on task. Researching material for the student example. Many details/links added to website

Rachel’s input...:

Rachel’s input... Rachel works full-time on a remote mine site called Jundee , where she's been for the last four years. With 5 days home /9 days at work her schedule is pretty crazy, but she's determined to finish her degree Rachel faced great hurdles, with the inconsistent availability of technology at her remote location. However, she still managed to: Organise telephone conference call with all other group members and tutor. Voice recording for the powerpoint Upload presentation

Roslyn’s input...:

Roslyn’s input... Roslyn is married with 3 kids; 12, 9, and an 11 month old. If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is studying full time. She is a Facilitator of Apprentices by trade . Created the teacher’s lesson plan Input details/links to the website Created another activity with Google Earth, for the teacher to have on hand for those students who finish the task early

Belinda’s input...:

Belinda’s input... Full-time uni student, working full time for the local ACT Government. This will fund my move to Perth to focus solely on uni. Researched tools for digital presentation; Glogster etc. Created the wonderful digital example, to enable the teacher to model to the students what was expected. Other links to website

Debbie’s input...:

Debbie’s input... Debbie is a single mum of two; one primary and one secondary. This is her fourth year working full-time at a secondary school as an Education Assistant. Created the ‘bones’ of the website Created powerpoint presentation Other additions to the website

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One final word... This assignment was definitely a challenge; which boiled down to : http://humorblogging.com/blog/balance-blogging-family-work/ <accessed 03/05/2011> Completion = communication + co-operation x co-ordination! Too many group members with too busy lives, over too great a distance makes for too many problems – but we got there eventually...

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