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Godbole Type Automatic Outflow Regulating Gates for Barrages:

Godbole Type Automatic Outflow Regulating Gates for Barrages


Introduction This presentation shall discuss aspects of :- Design Fabrication Erection Testing & Commissioning Operation & Maintenance “Godbole type automatic gates have been installed on a number of barrages across India”



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Concept - Godbole gate ‘tilts open’ as compared to other gates which are ‘lifted up’

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Opening and Closing levels for Godbole Gates

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5/2/2011 Godbole Gates Private Limited 9 Operational behavior – Gate automatically increases its angle of tilt in response to rising u/s levels above FRL Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3

Operational behavior of Godbole Gate:

Operational behavior of Godbole Gate With rising u/s levels, gate increases its angle of tilt

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Operational Behavior of Godbole gate in response to rising & receding u/s reservoir levels

Prototype Test (2004) - 4 m x 1 m size gate on Manar Dam, Maharashtra:

Prototype Test (2004) - 4 m x 1 m size gate on Manar Dam, Maharashtra

General Arrangement & Operation :

General Arrangement & Operation

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5/2/2011 Godbole Gates Private Limited 14 General Arrangement of Gate System

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Controlled mode operation of gate system with emergency hydraulic hoist:

5/2/2011 Godbole Gates Private Limited 16 Controlled mode operation of gate system with emergency hydraulic hoist


Fabrication The Fabrication work is carried out as per standard Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) which ensures that gate components are fabricated by implementing quality controls at material, process and assembly stage


Erection Erection work is carried out using modern erection equipment. Erected components are aligned to correct line & level & secured properly as per QAP

Testing and Commissioning :

Testing and Commissioning Dry tests are carried out on gates to check its operation and the gates are commissioned after following proper commissioning procedures

Configuration of gate system:

Godbole Gates Private Limited 20 Godbole gate system is custom designed for every project Shape of gate leaf - curved or flat. Emergency hydraulic hoists - fixed or portable Supporting structure - Steel portal frames (spillways) / RCC piers (Barrages) Inspection bridge - RCC (submersible/ non submersible) or steel Auto locking system - for gates on barrages High capacity Rotary friction dampers – for gates on barrages Configuration of gate system

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01/27/10 Godbole Gates Private Limited 21 Configuration of Godbole gate system installed on Walwhan & Shirawata Dams of Tata Power Company Ltd. 3 D model RCC gate supporting pier Flat Gate leaf RCC Inspection Bridge Rotary Damper End mounted Emergency hoisting cum damping system PortableHydraulicHoist

Distinctive features of Godbole Gates:

Godbole Gates Private Limited 22 Distinctive features of Godbole Gates Automatic outflow regulation during floods - without electricity or human intervention Controlled mode operation capability –allows manual outflow regulation when u/s level is below FRL No restrictions on size - customized design to suit hydraulic parameters & conditions at site Flexibility in design of spillway structure – can be installed on new or existing spillways / weirs of any shape & size & supported on RCC piers or steel portals Reliability of design - proven performance on over 75 installations across India

Unparalleled Benefits:

Unparalleled Benefits Ensured dam safety – no risk to dam due to power failure, human error in operation or hoist malfunction. Ensured storage reliability – No risk of loss of storage on account of reduced inflow after passing of floods No need to maintain power connection, standby generator and trained staff at dam site for gate operations during monsoons Flexibility of operation - Can be used in controlled mode for emergency depletion of reservoir or for letting out controlled discharge on d/s side. Minimal maintenance.

Proposed Submersible Barrage across Wardha River for NEIL at Chargaon MH :

Proposed Submersible Barrage across Wardha River for NEIL at Chargaon MH Wier portion without gates Complete Barrage with gates



*Comparison of Godbole Gate system & Vertical lift gates for barrages:

*Comparison of Godbole Gate system & Vertical lift gates for barrages

Operational Issues:

Operational Issues

Hydraulic Conditions:

Small level diff. in gate sill level & d/s channel bed level High tailwater levels & Partial submergence of gates Floods carry trash, debris like trees, branches, etc. Post monsoon / residual flow continues for a long time Large difference between Maximum Water Level (MWL) & Full Reservoir Level (FRL) Hydraulic Conditions

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Operational issues - Submergence Conditions Downstream side water levels rise above gate bottom lip during small floods. Gates get submerged during heavy floods Development of eddies & disturbances near u/s and d/s edges of gate create disturbing moments during floods. If not properly damped and locked, gates exhibit self excited oscillations during floods, resulting in impact on bottom weir portion and d/s stoppers. May result in damages to gate components Operational Issues – Trash Entanglement Entanglement of debris between sill beam & bottom seal seat during receding floods may prevent gate from closing completely.

Preventive Measures:

Preventive Measures Dampers & Auto-locking (Ratchet & Pawl) for prevention of oscillations due to flow disturbances Dampers provide resistance moment in initial stages and damp out disturbing moments in small floods/ submergence Ratchet & Pawl type auto-locking arrangement ensures one way locking of gates during moderate & heavy floods / submergence and prevents oscillations Emergency Hoists for removal of entangled trash Emergency hydraulic hoists can be attached to gate at bridge level . Gate is then opened to greater extent to flush out entangled debris & closed back to effect storage.

Recommended Operating Procedure :

Recommended Operating Procedure In cases of barrages, where a large no. of gates are installed, entanglement of debris can be a serious issue. If d/s side high ground is not dressed below gate sill level , the tailwater levels shall be abnormally high leading to submergence of gates and vortex formation around gate. This may lead to oscillations of gates.

Recommended Operating Procedure ..2..:

Recommended Operating Procedure ..2.. It is therefore suggested that gates be kept locked in fully open position by ratchet & pawl arrangement for first few floods (which normally carry most of the debris), so that the debris is washed away. Gates can be closed towards end of monsoons when there is still residual flow in the river During post / end of monsoon floods which are of low intensity, gates shall not undergo submergence. These floods also do not carry much of debris. In such cases, the gates would open automatically and pass out the excess discharge.

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2005 - India’s longest spillway (730 m) with automatic gates commissioned Manar Dam

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 38 Applications Spillways of new dams Spillways of existing ungated dams Barrages & Weirs on rivers By-pass spillways of canal based mini hydel schemes Forebay dams of hydro electric projects Cross regulators & escape heads of canals

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 39 Paunar Weir – 8 gates of size 10 m x 4 m (Maharashtra) - 1984 Borgaon Anjanpur Wier – 7 gates of size 10 m x 4 m (Maharashtra) - 2008 Press > arrow key to Proceed Installations on Barrages ..5..

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 40 Intallations - Spillways of new dams Walwhan Dam – 12 gates of size 5 m x 1.4 m (Tata Power Company) Dasve Dam – 14 gates of size 5.7 m 2 m (Lavasa Corporation)

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 41 Intallations – Spillways of existing ungated dams for raising storage capacity Manar Dam – 178 gates of size 4 m x 1 m (Maharashtra) Dehrang Dam – 11 gates of size 8.7 m x 2.5 m (Maharashtra)

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 42 Intallations – Barrages & Weirs Paunar Weir – 8 gates of size 10 m x 4 m (Maharashtra) Borgaon - Anjanpur Weir (Under Construction) – 7 gates of size 10 m x 4 m (Maharashtra)

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Godbole Gates Private Limited 43 Intallations- Mini Hydel Schemes & Escapes Budameru Mini Hydel Scheme – 2 gates of size 6 m x 5 m & 4 gates of size 5 m x 2 m (Andhra Pradesh) Chute Spillway of Rockfill Dyke No. III, Sardar Sarovar Project – 5 gates of size 6.8 m x 2.5 m (Gujarat) By-pass spillways of canal based mini hydel schemes Escape Structures

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5/2/2011 Godbole Gates Private Limited 44 Operational range of gate is decided from site requirements

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