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Grievance Function in I.R.:

Grievance Function in I.R. Lata Singh

What is Grievance:

What is Grievance According to Michael Jucius, “ A grievance can be any discontent or dissatisfaction, whether expressed or not, whether valid or not, and arising out of anything connected with the company that an employee thinks, believes, or even feels as unfair, unjust, or inequitable.”

Forms of Grievances Factual Imaginary Disguised :

Forms of Grievances Factual Imaginary Disguised Identifying grievances: Exit interviews • Suggestions boxes • Opinion surveys • Open door policy.

Causes of Discipline:

Causes of Discipline Working Condition (i) Improper matching of the worker with the job. (ii) Changes in schedules or procedures. (iii) Non-availability of proper tools, machines and equipment for doing the job. (iv) Unreasonably high production standards. (v) Poor working conditions. (vi) Bad employer – employee relationship, etc.

Due to management policy:

Due to management policy (i) Wage payment and job rates. (ii) Leave. (iii) Overtime. (iv) Seniority and Promotional. (v) Transfer. (vi) Disciplinary action. (vii) Lack of employee development plan. (viii) Lack of role clarity.

Due to Personal Maladjustment:

Due to Personal Maladjustment (i) Over – ambition. (ii) Excessive self-esteem or what we better know as ego. (iii) Impractical attitude to life etc.

Effects of Grievances:

Effects of Grievances Frustration Alienation De motivation Slackness Low Productivity Increase in Wastage & Costs Absenteeism In discipline Labor unrest

Grievance Settlement Machinery:

Grievance Settlement Machinery Open door Policy Step Ladder process

Guidelines for effective grievance Handling: :

Guidelines for effective grievance Handling: • Patient hearing by superior • Rest of the Problem • Anxiety to solve problem • If-Remove causes • If imaginary -convince workers • Time limit • Writing the grievance • Relevant facts • Communication of redressed • Follow up-Action

Essentials of a grievance procedure :

Essentials of a grievance procedure • Conformity with existing legislation • Acceptability • Simplicity • Promptness • Training • Follow-up

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