5 Reasons I Love Smosh

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SMOSH >> Five reasons I love

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Reason #1 – They got pokémon Even though the pokémon company deleted their original video of them lip syncing to the pokémon theme. I think it’s cool they like pokémon. (I don’t know if they like it anymore after that incident…) I’m a fan of pokémon, myself. Besides their pokémon theme song video, SMOSH has made a few more pokémon parodies. These include ‘Pokémon Theme Song REVENGE!’ a parody of the pokémon theme song as revenge for the pokémon people deleting their video for copyright infringement. Another one was actually pretty recent. Anthony plays as Ash Ketchum, and it’s basically a skit of Ash after he becomes a pokémon trainer. Like all of SMOSH’s videos, it was pretty funny! I think they had another one, but I can’t recall it at the moment.

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Reason #2 – I love their hair This one sounds random, but it’s only true! Anthony’s hair is really cute, in my opinion. I don’t really know why I like it, but it is still amazing. Then there’s Ian’s hair, which is just as amazing. Ian has bowl hair! (:

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Reason #3 – Their music! SMOSH doesn’t just lip-sync; they make original songs, too! Most of them are pretty funny, and get stuck in my head. Besides the Pokémon Theme Revenge video, One of the most popular ones are Firetruck . It’s about saying firetruck as a substitute for the F-word. ‘Cause it starts with F and ends with UCK. Haha . There’s also My Fanny Pack, Milky Milkshake, Vader Is My Friend, and a bunch more.

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Reason #4 – The Obvious Reason Why do you think I watch SMOSH so much? They’re hilarious! It you didn’t know, they make comedy skits, and they almost always make me laugh out loud. A lot of them are funny, and it seems that people like the older ones better. I don’t have a personal favorite, so I’m just showing you the most viewed video on SMOSH.com; Ian’s Embarrassing Video.

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Reason #5 – Awesome ‘Products’ SMOSH has a pretty big fan base, so it’s natural they’re selling some merchandise. They sell cool shirts, calendars, and a couple more things, I think. I’m not just talking about the stuff you can buy from them. They have crazy fictional products, like the Easy Step and Beef N’ Go. I guess they might be useful.

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I was going to do more, but I couldn’t decide; there are too many things awesome about them! Actually, I was too lazy to add more . S U B S C R I B E S U B S C R I B E

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