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Coca-cola &PEPSI : 

Coca-cola &PEPSI 13105136 Chie Nakagawa 13105137 Aya Nakazato 13105236 Yurika Nakagawa 13105240 Haruna Nagata

Coca-Cola : 

Coca-Cola The history of Coca-Cola Introduction of Coca-cola’s character

The History of Coca-cola : 

The History of Coca-cola 1886 It was produced by Dr.John·S·Penbarton. 1887 It was launched in America by E·G·Candler 1961 It land in Japan

Slide 4: 

Character Polar Bear Coca-Cola Santa Claus Polar Bear


PEPSI The history of PEPSI Introduction of PEPSI’s character

The history of PEPSI : 

The history of PEPSI The originator of PEPSI is Caleb D. Bradham in 1898 Land in Japan in 1947 ?PEPSI challenge? in 1975 Coca-cola vs PEPSI Caleb D. Bradham

Slide 7: 

Character PEPSIMAN lemon!

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