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The Internship Experience:

SATOYA mURRAY The Internship Experience Internship sites: Senior Solutions Sammeuth Pharmacy

The first stop is Senior Solutions:

The first stop is Senior Solutions Senior Solutions is an adult day care located in Seneca South Carolina that houses a maximum of thirty clients. It is relatively small but does a lot for the community. The department that I interned at was within the nursing facility.

What is SENIOR Solutions about? :

What is SENIOR Solutions about? For more than 40 years, SENIOR Solutions has provided caring service to seniors in Anderson, Oconee, Greenville and Pickens counties. We began in 1968 with sites for seniors to dine and socialize. We have since evolved to become the Upstate’s first choice for senior services offering home-delivered meals, transportation, and senior centers that keep seniors active and fit.

A day in the life of an intern:

A day in the life of an intern Open the door and enter my world My day starts 8:00 am or earlier with a smile on my face and service in my heart I enter the doors of SENIOR Solutions.

Writing the Menu:

Writing the Menu I immediately write the lunch menu on the board in the common room for the clients.


Breakfast Next I enter the kitchen and help prepare breakfast. This ranges from feeding clients to just opening their cereals. I am in charge of feeding at least eleven patients at breakfast and lunch.

Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure One of my main duties at SENIOR Solutions was to take the weekly blood pressure and pulse of the clients.

Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure Every client must have their blood pressure taken weekly. I take at least thirteen blood pressures a day.

Slide 9:

The blood pressures are recorded weekly to monitor the hypertension of the clients. Over 45% of the clients there are hypertensive. Reading Blood Pressure

Finishing Blood Pressures:

Finishing Blood Pressures Monitoring their charts gives us the ability to observe trends in rising or falling blood pressure levels. It is our duty detect those changes in order to ensure their safety.

Ms. Byrd is on the left and she is participating in the arts and crafts.:

Ms. Byrd is on the left and she is participating in the arts and crafts. Arts & Crafts Arts and crafts are done to promote socialization among clients.

I am Mr. Walker helping a client make crafts on arts and crafts day. We are designing Easter eggs. :

I am Mr. Walker helping a client make crafts on arts and crafts day. We are designing Easter eggs. Arts & Crafts Participating in arts and crafts is not only a form of enjoyment for the clients but more importantly a way for them to maintain or increase their fine motor skills and cognition.

Arts and Crafts :

Arts and Crafts Below is a picture of the finished product that Mr. Walker had been working on.

Duties :

Duties I also help decorate the facilities on occasions such as St. Patrick's day and etc.

The Clients:

The Clients Communicating and forming a relationship with the clients is what the staff at SENIOR Solutions stressed to me. He was also the camera man for me during the internship.

My Preceptor: Mrs. Joni Davis:

My Preceptor: Mrs. Joni Davis The remainder of the day is determined by projects my preceptor has for me to complete. h

Saying good-bye:

Saying good-bye This concludes my day at SENIOR Solutions.

Sammeuth’s Drugs:

Sammeuth’s Drugs Sammeuth’s Drugs is a small yet very busy pharmacy located in Seneca, S.C. I interned in there in the pharmacy.


Slogan Covering Upstate South Carolina with professional , personal service that you can always count on!

Attaining information from the customer :

Attaining information from the customer Sammeuth’s Drugs Sammeuth’s Drug is a busy establishment so as soon as I arrive, I got straight to work.

Locating Prescriptions:

Locating Prescriptions Once I receive the clients information I locate their prescriptions. I retrieve approximately twenty prescription per week. They are filed in alphabetical order.

Answering Phone Calls:

Answering Phone Calls Answering phone calls from doctors is an important part of working in a pharmacy. I answered approximately thirty-five phone calls per day and responded to any questions that customers may have. I also filled prescriptions over the phone as well.


When the patient information is received the QS/1 computer. This system is used for reimbursement of medicines and observation of drug interactions. Computer

Finding Prescriptions:

Finding Prescriptions After the patients’ insurance is approved I locate the prescription and double check to make sure it is correct.

Counting Prescriptions:

Counting Prescriptions Once the prescription is located I count the number of pills and print off the label. I counted hundreds of pills per day.

Filling prescription:

Filling prescription I learned that certain controlled medications have to be counted twice. An example of these drugs are Codeine, Oxycodone , and believe it or not Adderal .


Suspensions Other more complicated prescriptions called in and require more attention. In this picture I am measuring 65 mL to add to Tamiflu in order to make a syrup.


Conclusion Sammeuth Drugs and SENIOR Solution were great internship experience. I learned very valuable lessons from each of the sites and had great mentors.

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