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Stages of Market Planning Market Positioning Marketing Mix Marketing Plan Marketing Strategies Conclusion Other Resources Q&A Marketing

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Diagnosis – where now? Prognosis – where to? Objectives – should do Strategy – how to? Stages of Market Planning

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Market Research surveys, FGD, interviews, ethnography, product testing, concept testing, mystery shopping, phone interview, etc. Market Segmentation by demographics, behavior, phsychographics, geography Clear, distinctive, and desirable brand Market Positioning

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Product goods and services Price amount of money in exchange of the product Place availability in terms of place and time Promotions inform, remind and persuade target customers People Marketing Mix

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Statement of facts List of problems and opportunities List of objectives Complete marketing program Recommended marketing appropriation Profit and loss projection Marketing Plan

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Location, location, location “a business w/o a sign is a sign of no business” Smile ? Keep a pleasant place (lighting, cleanliness, temperature, etc.) Marketing Strategies

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Good product packaging Red color gets attention Make short but smart names Make stickers Communicate with customers regularly Use text messaging creatively Marketing Strategies

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Actively join industry organizations Join offline forums or seminars Product sampling Free consulting Marketing Strategies

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Join online forums, chat rooms, discussion boards, etc. Create a website Create a blog or invite bloggers Word of mouth marketing / peer marketing Marketing Strategies

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There are a lot of marketing strategies you can implement depending on your product, service, location, and resources Choose the ones that are right for you Pray for God’s blessings Conclusion

Slide 12: Search the Internet for the following: marketing plan marketing strategies guerrilla marketing word of mouth marketing iTunes U Erick Kalugdan / 0917-894-3492 / 0922-894-3492 Other resources

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