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My Portfolio:

Alexander Heck My Portfolio

Personal Health History:

How I got my name: Alexander Parents wanted a long name to counteract my short last name Parents also wanted something that sounded classic and “official” Thought Alexander would be a perfect fit Meaning/Origin of my name: Greek origin, means defender/protector Date and place of birth May 6 th , 1993 Mercy Hospital, San Diego Personal Health History

Family Health History:

Oldest living relative Maternal Grandma – 73 Years old How we got here Paternal Side : Arrived in Philadelphia in 1733, onboard the ship called Richard and Elizabeth . Maternal Side : First generation from the Philippines arrived here in 1990 Health History Ligament Laxity : a condition that makes my ligaments extremely loose, which can be traced up my dad's side of the family . Diabetes : has affected my grandma, my grandpa, and my mother, all on her side of the family. Colorblindness : “ seen ” ( haha ) through my mom's side of the family, mainly though my uncles Family Health History

The Heck Family Tree:

The Heck Family Tree

Interview with my Grandma, Mercedita Estacio – Age 73:

1) Was there much pollution in the Philippines when you were growing up? Yes, there was. In the water, air. 2) Is America's air much cleaner than in the Philippines? Yes, of course because regulations are followed here. 3) Did you ever get injured when you were young? Never got injured. 4) Is there any disabilities that affected you growing up? No, not any. 5) How often do you usually get sick? I never really got sick. Interview with my Grandma, Mercedita Estacio – Age 73

Interview with my Grandma, Cont.:

6) Are there any diseases that run in the family? Yes, hypertension and diabetes. 7) How have those diseases affected you? They affect how I eat. 8) Are there any health issues affecting you now? Both diabetes and hypertension. 9) Do you think you have a healthy familial relationship? Yes I do, I believe I do. 10 ) What was the sickest you have ever been? I don’t think I’ve ever been seriously sick. Interview with my Grandma, Cont.

Interview with my Grandma, Cont.:

11) What was the worst injury you have ever gotten? I’ve never been injured. 12) Do you think you were physically fit throughout your life? I think so, I’m still strong! 13) Do you still exercise? I go on walks almost every day. 14) Did you ever have to do strenuous activities over a long period of time? No, I don’t, except for dancing. 15) How has diabetes affected your everyday living? I stopped eating a lot of foods that I like to eat. I started my daily walk and I also have to take medicine. Interview with my Grandma, Cont.

Interview with my Grandma, Cont.:

16) When were you first diagnosed with it? 1999 17) Do you believe that you're relatively healthy now? Yes, I do! 18) What do you do to try to stay healthy? I exercise and diet. 19) What things prevent you from being healthy? Really, it’s only my diabetes and hypertension. 20) Do you believe you eat too much or too little? I don’t eat enough, I’m always on a diet. Interview with my Grandma, Cont.

Interview with my Grandma, Cont.:

21) What habits do you think helped manage to keep you healthy this far in your life? I exercise, don’t eat a lot and look after myself. 22) What is an unhealthy habit you have? I sleep too much. 23) Have you ever smoked? No! I’ve never smoked. 24) Have you ever felt very depressed? Only when I don’t have enough money. 25) What is the number one thing that makes you happy? That my children all have nice families. Interview with my Grandma, Cont.

Health History - Implications:

Health History - Implications

Fitness Data and Nutrition:

Fitness Data and Nutrition

Social and Emotional Health:

Hobbies/talents/sports: I enjoy gaming, manga, and dubstep I can play the bass guitar Wrestling, Football Pets: none! I used to have fish many years ago. Travel: When: Every Year Where: The Philippines, Cross Country trips, National Parks, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. With Whom: My Family Favorite Trip: To the East Coast with my dad and brother so I could go to the Summer Seminar at the Naval Academy Social and Emotional Health

Social and Emotional Health, Cont.:

Closest Friends : My Bandmates (Nicole Balagtas , Tim Woo, Charmaine Isidro, Jordan Ugalde , Krizel De Leon, Kelly Huynh, Trey Dempsey) Schools Attended : Aldersgate Preschool – Chesapeake, VA 1 st Grade: Western Branch Primary – Chesapeake, VA 2 nd -3 rd : Arroyo Vista Elementary – Chula Vista, CA 4 th -5 th : Adobe Bluffs Elementary – San Diego, CA 6 th -8 th : Black Mountain Middle – San Diego, CA 9 th -12 th : Mount Carmel High – San Diego, CA Clubs : Vice President/co-founder of Electronic Dance and Music Club, Orchestra, President of Guitar Club, General Officer in Street Fighter Club, Member of Drama Club Social and Emotional Health, Cont.

Slide 14:

Social : HIGH Mental: HIGH Physical: Medium - Strong - Lazy - Weak Joints - Prone to Injury - Big Ego - Intelligent - Absent Minded - Unconventional Thinker - Charismatic - Advice Giver - Diverse Friendships - Easy to get Along With My Health Triangle

Health Triangle, cont.:

Current State: Unbalanced! G ood mental and social state But I’m out of shape since wrestling season ended A weakness in just one area of the Triangle, can, in turn, affect all of the others. For example, one might have  low self-esteem under their mental point and may see themselves as weak or ugly on their physical side and because of that, feel awkward socially because of their perceived notion of them being ugly. Health Triangle, cont.

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline Seven Weeks Old July, 1993 This picture was taken in the Rocky Mountains while my family was moving from San Diego to Pennsylvania

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline Six Months – Eating Solid food for the first time! November 1993 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline Four years old Spring 1997 Easter in Chesapeake, Virginia

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline 3 rd Grade 2001 Arroyo Vista Elementary School Chula Vista, CA

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline First Day of Fifth Grade! August 2003 San Diego, CA

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline 8 th Grade – Spring 2007 Smithsonian Museum Washington, DC

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline 10 th Grade Fall 2008 My Friend Krizel’s Birthday Party Corvette Diner

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline 12 th Grade –Fall 2010 Show at Queen Bees Hillcrest

Picture Timeline:

Picture Timeline 12 th Grade –Winter 2011 Winter Formal Prince

Personal Crest:

Personal Crest Getting my Band recorded Not Going Insane! Trying Harder in My work Create best Song Ever Funny Stubborn friendly Alexander Estacio Heck

Unique Self - Song:

What: Sampler songs from my band, “Exposure” Why it represents me: These songs represent all of the hard work and time I spent creating, playing, and producing music with my band. It is a reflection of what I can do if I truly set my mind to something. Link: Exposure Sampler Unique Self - Song

Unique Self – Song Lyrics:

“Bringing Me Down”: I don’t know what I’m doing anymore/Can’t see my face in the mirror, that’s for sure/ That girl looking back at me isn’t who I wanna be/ That voice in my head won’t let me be, won’t let me be me/ In this world where no one knows who they really are/ On my own, and I don’t know what I’m fighting for/ God, I know I can be better than I am right now/ So I’ll let go of all the things that are bringing me down. “What If I Try”: What if I try? What if I try a little harder will you change? So what If I try a little harder will you change? I guess I’ve tried, yeah I know I’ve tried. But you won’t change. Unique Self – Song Lyrics

Unique Self – Self Portrait:

Unique Self – Self Portrait

Future Aspirations – Person of Impact:

One Person My Sister What makes this person important: Always pushed me in different areas of my life Helped shape me into who I am today Future Aspirations – Person of Impact

Future Aspirations – Letter:

Dear Meg Heck, Seriously, As a sibling and a sister you have always been there for me. I know we have always had our differences, with a lot of them ending quite badly, but overall I think we've had a pretty stable and positive relationship (I think). All joking aside, I know that deep down inside you always had my best interests at heart, even though you always decided on the most snarky ways to give me advice. But in the end you helped shaped me into I am. I never would have had my ninja- like reflexes if you never tried to beat me up all the time, I never would have had my amazing wit if you hadn't introduced  me to funny things and good books. I never would have gotten into good music if you had never given me your music, well, except for your strange obsession with hardcore rap. I never would have even had the courage to talk to girls if you didn't make fun of me about it all the time. Overall, though I know you adopted a tough love sort of affection towards me, I just wanted to let you know that I still look up to you and love you too . Sincerely , Alex Heck Future Aspirations – Letter

Future Aspirations – Future Plans:

In 3 years I see myself working in UC Irvine, living at the dorms, and (hopefully) not having a family yet. In 5 years I see myself Graduated from college with a degree in Engineering, living at wherever I have a job, and maybe having a serious girlfriend. In ten years I see myself well off with my job in Engineering, living somewhere that's decent, and hopefully having a wife by then. Future Aspirations – Future Plans

Future Aspirations – One Thing:

If I could accomplish one thing in my life, it would be to find a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Future Aspirations – One Thing

Media Awareness:

The media has generally become a negative influence in our society. In our nation, consumerism rules, and makes us want to buy more. T he media helps facilitate this by putting out stigmas that put ideas into our heads that we want to look a certain way or buy certain things. For example, I wear jeans with polos and beanies because its perceived to be a type of underground fashion in our society, and I like thinking that I’m being a non-conformist when I know deep down that there are still plenty of others doing the exact same thing. Another example is the fact that I want an iPhone even though Droids have been proven to be far superior than iPhones. I still want one for the smoothness and recognition that it comes with. Media Awareness

Media Awareness:

“Do what looks good to you, not what looks good to others” Media Awareness Healthy – Happy – Your Way

That’s all! Thanks for watching :

That’s all! Thanks for watching 

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